The Australian National University has released their latest ANU Poll, this quarter giving it a rural flavour by focusing questions on issues related to rural and regional Australia. It’s a phone poll of 1200, giving us an MoE that maxes out around the 2.8% mark. You can read the full results in either a report format or the raw polling results.

There’s quite a diversity of questions – from public perceptions of animal welfare when purchasing meat products, through to perceptions of the most important issues faced by rural Australia, through to social and familial connections of all Australians to rural Australia. It’s worth a squiz – some of the questions and responses are actually a bit of a giggle.

There were two questions though that stood out. The first asked:

Thinking of (most important problem facing rural Australia), who do you think is most responsible for providing solutions?

The responses are quite astonishing – here I converted the response frequencies to the same format that we’re used to seeing with polls, where refused/not completed are are removed from the pool.


80% of the public think government is responsible for solving whatever they believe is the most important problem for rural and regional Australia! Just what those problems are can be found in the survey itself – it’s quite a broad list.

The other question worth having a look at, or rather a set of questions, goes to public perceptions and expectations of the social values and behaviour of both rural and metropolitan Australia. Some of these too give a bit of a giggle. I’ve rounded the results up to nearest whole percentage point.


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