Like yesterday – particularly for you folks at work that can’t access the more interesting parts of the net – we’ll aggregate the best bits from around the place to follow The Spill in detail without the fluff. It won’t be flashy, just easy to follow – the time stamps will be in AEDT.


Via Latika Bourke (2UE)

Joe Hockey finally speaks. (well his office.) He contesteth, but will not vote againt Malcolm. No blood on his hands. #spill

Via Stephen Spencer (Ten)

It’s official: Joe is running. His office says he’ll vote against the spill, but if that succeeds he’ll run, offering a free vote on the ETS


7:32 Via Stephen Spencer

Hockey’s office confirms it’s a ticket with Dutton.

It’s a Hockey/Dutton ticket. It’s pretty light on economics.


7:51 Via James Massola (Canberra Times)

Reps doors so far:farmer 4 Abbott,Lindsay 4 turnbull,bilkson 4 hockey, jensen 4 Abbott #spill


7:53 Via Latika Bourke

Minchin says claims any candidate would be his puppet are ‘incredible.’


7:56 Via Samantha Maiden (The Oz)

Latest at The Oz. “A three way debacle” one MP texted this morning. Hockey the fave but could be in trouble.

That article in The Oz is worth a read.


8:00am Bernard Keane on ABC News Radio reckons Kevin Andrews may also throw his hat in the ring



Turnbull says he won’t speculate on what he might do if he loses on ABC Radio’s AM program – calls rumours of him starting his own party “in the realm of science fiction”. Says his candidacy is the one with integrity of purpose.


8:15 David Speers says Andrews isnt running.


8:23 Via James Massola

Reps doors trending to abbott, just #spill


8:25 Kieran Gilbert on Sky says that there’s about 12 votes in it and Hockey as the numbers.


8:28 Samantha Maiden says:

Liberal senator Judith Troeth says she and 8 other senators will vote for Labor’s ETS – Rudd and Wong only need seven votes #spill


8:46 Still the quiet before the storm. Annabel Crabb says :

Parliament full of Labor MPs with big grins #spill


8:53 TheĀ  press gallery is being herded into away from the MPs. A lot on not very happy scribes.


8:56 In one of the weirdest things ever broadcast, ABC Breakfast interviewed Joe Hockey’s cousin who said that Joe wasnt ready for the leadership!

Good Grief – relatives, you can’t choose ’em


8:59 The Party room is filling up – Turnbull and Hockey have entered.


9:03 This meeting could go for a very long time BTW.


9:16 Via Annabel Crabb

Libs are being frisked at the door for mobiles. Nasty blow for text traffic. #spill

Chances of leaks have reduced dramatically


9:31 While we’re waiting, some early thoughts on electoral consequences.

If Abbott wins, seats like North Sydney, Wentworth, Ryan, Sturt, La Trobe and Dickson are probably gone – with those leafy Victorian safe seats like Higgins, Kooyong, Goldstein having their margins seriously cut. But seats like Cowper, Hinkler and Fairfax probably become safely kept by the Coalition.

If Hockey wins, the inner metro’s of Ryan, North Sydney, Wentworth and Sturt are probably kept (maybe even Dickson), but seats like Cowper, Hinkler, Fairfax, La Trobe, Fisher, Wright and maybe even Canning are most likely gone.


9:40 40 minutes have passed now, I guess the spill motion passed and we’re on to a vote. Although there was talk about speeches being allowed, which could have dragged the thing out.


9:43 The spill motion has apparently passed (how anyone knows since everyone was frisked going in is a bit of a mystery), so the result should be in 15-20 minutes


9:49 Here we go – Alex Somlylay emerges, walks dont the corridor, puts on his best face and announces that Tony Abbott has won by 1 vote!


9:52 Spill motion passed 48/34. Hockey was eliminated in first round with Turnbull getting 26 votes, Abbott 35 votes and Hockey 23.

The Abbott/Turnbull head to head went 42/41


9:59 The numbers don’t add up. The spill went 48/34 which was 82 people

The first round had Turnbull=26, Abbott=35, Hockey=23 which is 84 people

Final round was Abbott=41, Turnbull=41 which is 83 people voting.

Who was the missing person!?!

10:05 Turnbull’s office (via James Massola) says there was an informal vote in the final round and Fran Bailey abstained (she was granted special leave from the meeting today). Still doesnt explain anything

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