There was some interesting behaviour this week in the markets with Centerbet, IASbet and Sportingbet all having a nap, while Betfair had a small move towards Labor and Sportsbet went berko!


The “Any Other Party” on Sportsbet (read “Coalition”) moved from $3.80 to a whopping $4.70, while Labor pulled in to $1.18, down from its $1.25 last Friday.

Sportsbet has opened up the range of implied probabilities for a Labor victory to a substantially large 7.6% across the 5 agencies, with Centerbet having Labor on a 72.3% win probability and Sportsbet coming in at the other end of the spectrum on a 79.9% implied probability.


This has upped the 5 agency aggregated implied probability for Labor this week to 75.7% – a 1.3% increase towards the red team.


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