Apr 24, 2010

Andrew Leigh for Fraser

Holidays be damned -our favourite economist, public purveyor of 'randomised trials"  and all round good guy Andrew Leigh

Possum Comitatus — Editor of Pollytics

Possum Comitatus

Editor of Pollytics

Holidays be damned -our favourite economist, public purveyor of ‘randomised trials”  and all round good guy Andrew Leigh has won pre-selection for the safe Canberra seat of Fraser.

A person of Andrew’s public policy caliber getting a better-than-good chance to enter the nation’s Parliament is literally a once in a generation affair.

Congrats to Andrew – anyone that cares about thoughtful, empirical based policy with a humanist lean and the raw power of intellectual analysis should tonight be rejoicing.

This is what Parliament is supposed to be.

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17 thoughts on “Andrew Leigh for Fraser

  1. Peter Logue

    Nominate your second MGL. Hankies and sticks at twenty paces. I was NEVER a morris dancer; just a confused musician look for a gig and a free beer. Gai Brodtmann will do much better than any factional nominee in a seat where there is a lot of personal resentment against one K Rudd; particularly within the public service. Ditto the mercurial Andrew Leigh.

  2. Helen Agnes

    Welcome Home, Poss.

    Of course Chris Uhlmann’s relationship with Gai Brodtman doesn’t disqualify him from commenting on politics . What I meant was that Chris will have to be strong to withstand the snide comments from the Coalition-loving, ABC-hating sections of the commentariat. A couple of obvious suspects come to mind. I recall Maxine McKew’s relationship with Bob Hogg receiving snarky mention when she was a Lateline presenter. And there are one or two Opposition notables not known for their reticence in imputing bias.

  3. mgl

    Does Peter Logue’s secret past as a morris dancer qualify him to comment on tonality?

    Gai and Chris have been together for around two decades. She’s been openly active in ALP throughout so what has really changed? They’re both professionals and will continue to pursue independent careers. Good luck to them…

  4. Winston

    Get back to work Poss!

  5. Peter Logue

    tuning up the banjo is an oxymoron.

  6. calyptorhynchus

    Well, when he gets to Parliament House he might, if he ever gets to meet him, have a little word to the PM about the ETS (which I hear this morning is being postponed for 3 years to save money 8-( ).

    Failing this I guess someone could just have a little word to the atmosphere to tell it to slow down a bit.

  7. MeganY

    Just tuning up the banjo…

  8. Helen Agnes

    Sorry, “its critics” should be “the ABC’s critics” in last line of post above.

  9. Helen Agnes

    Possum, wondering what effect Gai Brodtmann’s preselection will have on ABC’s new 24 hour news channel with hubby Chri Uhlmann at the helm.

    A bit worried that Chris Uhlmann will feel bound to be extra tough on Labor to fend off accusations of bias from the Abbott crowd. They get in an anti-ABC lather over any dispassionate reporting – to be balanced in their eyes means running Coalition attacks on Rudd non-stop.

    There is already a tendency for the ABC to follow the Murdoch/Australian line in its headlines and analysis. Some interviewers do not challenge Abbott and his spokespersons even when they make the most outlandish claims full of easily identifiable inconsistencies and misinformation.

    Do hope Chris Uhlmann is not nobbled by superiors too fearful to allow the opinions expressed by its critics to be subjected to at least a little bit of intellectual rigour.

  10. [email protected]

    Bravo! ALP. Contrary to Grog’s view above, I think that this decision shows that the factions aren’t having as large an influence on candidate selection as they used to. Rather, the PM probably put his 2c-worth in, and, no doubt, Bob McMullan had some influence over the decision.
    This is exactly what our federal parliament needs, the best and the brightest.

  11. Joanna Mendelssohn

    The research he undertook on the value of teacher quality alone should be enough for Julia Gillard to take him under her wing. This economist’s approach to evidence based research on education quality has been the best thing for this country since sliced bread.

  12. Andrew C

    Fantastic news. He was certainly the outsider, but from what I’ve seen he worked bloody hard to get the gig. I’d expect that (like Kelly O’Dwyer) we will see him continue to pound the pavement for votes, even though assured of winning.

    As for his chance to rise – It will depend on his relationship with the PM & Gillard. McMullan was wasted (only one with ministerial experience in 2007) less because of his faction than he didn’t have close links to Rudd & Gillard from what I’ve heard.
    They probably won’t fear him as a leadership threat, so if he gets on well with them, and shows good media skills he shouldn’t languish on the backbench.

    Having recently moved to Fraser I was disappointed to never get the chance to vote for McMullan, this more than makes up for it 🙂

  13. Grog

    How will the factions treat him though Poss? No good him spending his time lagging on the backbench getting perhaps a spot on an economics committee and no more.

    Perhaps he can do a Turnbull and bring out his own tax reform paper 🙂 . At the very least they should give him a Parl Sec spot. (though I’m biased as he will be my Member, and think McMullan was treated poorly)

  14. Shakira Hussein

    I love preferential voting…

  15. Steven

    And Gai Brodtmann in Canberra. All round win for the good guys.

  16. evan14

    Possum: I didn’t think he was in with much of a chance, surprising news!

  17. don

    Poss, I must be missing something.

    This bloke has a story from 2001, not well explained, and the date on the post is April 19th, 2010?

    Corroborating evidence is a paper from November 2005? Come now.

    I’m sorry, I am not impressed.

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