Nielsen asked an additional set of questions to accompany their vote estimates published in Fairfax today – two focusing on the ETS and another measuring the trust that people have in each leader.

The first question was a standard ETS question:

Do you support or oppose an Emissions Trading Scheme for Australia?


The next question asked on the ETS was over the government’s postponement:

Do you support or oppose the government’s decision to postpone the introduction an Emissions Trading Scheme for three years?


On the age cross-tabs for the two questions, we get:


Next up, Nielsen asked an interesting little question on trust:

On a scale of 0 to 10, where 0 is not at all trustworthy and 10 is extremely trustworthy, how trustworthy do you think the party leaders are?

If we split categorise the results such that “Untrustworthy” represents responses 0 through 4, “Neutral” represents response number 5 and “Trustworthy” represents responses 6 through 10, the headline figures for each leader and their distribution come in like this:



The cross-tabs for each leader come in like this:





We’ve got plenty to chew on here.

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