I’ve been a little busy of late (including completely missing yesterday through a bourbon hazed birthday)  and have neglected some questions that were asked by you folks in earlier threads – so rather than go back and chase them down when they probably no longer have anyone actually reading them, it might be better if I just mea culpa my way into a brand new post, allowing me to find a whole new bunch of poor excuses for ignoring your questions answer them all in one place! 😛

So treat this as part open thread, part requestathon and part catching up on the bits I should have answered earlier.

To start the ball rolling, here’s a pic of our favourite economist and now Labor candidate for Fraser as you’ve probably never seen him before – but deep down always knew was coming.

Andrew Leigh in a hard hat! 😀



Laura Tingle has a marvelous little piece on the politics and hackery that accompanied the resources tax circus particularly,  but policy reporting and analysis generally.

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