Yesterday we looked at the voting intention results from this weekend’s Nielsen poll, so today we’ll have a squiz at the rest of it – the usual preferred PM and approvals, plus some questions on the ETS, immigration levels, voting commitment, win expectations and the Glorious Citizens Assembly of the Peoples Republic of Julia.

First up, the headline approval ratings and some cross tabs gave us:


Even though this Nielsen had the gender gap disappearing on the voting intention results, it still exists solidly on the approval ratings, as well as the Preferred PM results.


The state and age results come off a small a sample so treat them with caution and as only being “probably indicative”.  One thing that stands out among the age breakdowns though is the pattern – the older one gets, the less personal support Gillard elicits from respondents – something that also came out in the approval cross tabs at about the same rate.

Next up, Nielsen asked a question on the support of a generic ETS:

Do you support or oppose an Emissions Trading Scheme for Australia?


The response options were strongly support, support, oppose and strongly oppose. I’ve added the “strongly” responses in as it shows an interesting gap on the strength of opposition by gender, with twice as many males being strongly opposed as females. Interesting too is the 11% of Coalition voters that strongly support an ETS – which isn’t any specific ETS mind you, but rather the idea of any given ETS.

Moving along to the immigration question:

Do you feel that the current level of immigration is too high, too low or about right?


Interesting again is the age pattern – the older one gets, the more likely it is that people feel immigration levels are too high.

A few short questions where the cross-tabs had little variation:

Regardless of who you will vote for, who do you think will win the next election?

The result came in 69/21 to Labor.

Nielsen also asked:

You have said that (insert Party) will receive your first preference vote at the Federal Election. How committed are you to voting that way? Are you strongly committed or weakly committed?

79% came in with “strongly committed” and 20% came in with “weakly committed”. The results were particularly consistent across all demographics.

Finally, on the citizens assemble proposal – the question was asked:

Do you support or oppose the creation of a Citizens’ Assembly of around 150 randomly selected people to develop the nation’s response to climate change?


Tomorrow should bring us a Newspoll  and if it behaves and exhibits the same trend toward the Coalition as Morgan, Galaxy and Nielsen did thus week – it should come in around the 50/50 mark give or take a point.

Small update: Newspoll comes in as predicted at 50/50

We’ll also have an Essential and hopefully the start of our cross-tab breakdowns of the leaders debate Polliegraph (although it’s more time consuming that it looks – but it will certainly come this week)

Meanwhile, the usual charts came in like this:

pmapprovalaug2 opapprovalaug2

ppmaug2 netapprovalsaug2

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