After the election, I plan to seriously de-complicate my life. The time required to run this blog, particularly the data maintenance and background analysis that feeds into producing the actual content of the posts at Pollytics, is something that most of you folks thankfully never really get to see  – sausage making is never a pretty business!

However, as a result of trying to keep very high quality control standards here (hopefully with more success than not) and always trying to use the data rather than the navel gaze as the analytical weapon of choice, that massive amount of background work is simply unavoidable if I were to continue running the blog as usual. To highlight what actually goes on behind the scenes – for every one hour of writing content for the blog, there is at least 4 hours of research and data management going on in the background. For every 2 posts actually published here on the blog, there is on average 1 post that I junk for not being up to the standards I set for Pollytics, and another draft that gets thrown out before it’s completed.

I tried to make Pollytics one of the most robust and empirically solid parts of the Australian media – and to a large extent I think we’ve been successful at achieving that. But the income available from the blog is massively out of whack with the time expenditure required for it, creating large complications in the rest of my life to make up for it.

So I had to make a choice about Pollytics. Either keep it as it is at the moment – with 5 to 7 posts on average a week, often  more – and continue having to reorganise my entire life around running the blog, including doing, literally, a dozen different things just to make it possible.

Or I can have a little personal restructure 😛

That’s not to say that the blog will disappear, far from it – just that it will become a little different, with fewer articles,  much less poll by poll analysis and horse trading – basically dumping the stuff that matters the least, ignoring most of the river of partisan politics and just doing the more important, more substantial analysis pieces that matter the most. Basically, Pollytics with just the good bits.

That I can do on the weekends and in my spare time (spare time! Oh how I long to be reacquainted with that lost love!).


For Sale: One economist possum, slightly used, occasionally abused, good with numbers and other stuff. Intermittently snarky but always well humoured 😀

I need a job. Just one.

One single job.

It  has become the luxury you didn’t know you’d really miss until you have to spend at least 80 hours a week doing multiple part-time equivalent roles across multiple areas of human knowledge.

You folks have all seen what I can do over the years on a rather eclectic range of issues – so if you think your organisation has a use for me or would have a use for me, please drop me a line either at my private email address that some of you know, or at:

[email protected]

The only requirement I really have is that I can continue to live in Brisbane.  I have no specific area that I wish to work in as a full time position (full time position – the words just roll off the tongue!), I’m literally open to all possibilities – even the ones where you might think “nah, he wouldn’t be interested”.

You never know what is out there in the world unless you ask – and some things, however unusual, might just tickle your fancy. As you might imagine, I also bring with me a cracker of a contact network.

I also need to thank you lot. Pollytics would simply not exist without you folks – I hope you’ve enjoyed the ride as much as I have, and I hope you’ll continue to enjoy it in the future – albeit at a slower pace sometime after the election. Sort of like Pollytics with comfy slippers on and a nice bourbon 😛

Now,  enough of the nostalgia and special interest pleading – back to this bloody election!

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