Sep 28, 2010

Gibbons throwing poo

As Australia enters a period where we are going to have one of the largest battle of ideas for decades, the noisiest newspaper in the country  - once proudly considered the na

Possum Comitatus — Editor of Pollytics

Possum Comitatus

Editor of Pollytics

As Australia enters a period where we are going to have one of the largest battle of ideas for decades, the noisiest newspaper in the country  – once proudly considered the national broadsheet – has been transformed by its current leadership into such a farcical shadow of its former self, that it has resorted to that most pathetic of tactics that we in the blogosphere are all too familiar with; trolling the internets.

The outing of Grog’s Gamut and the petty, vindictive thuggery and implied threats behind it, speak much more about the character of the paper and the journalist involved than it does about any vacuous nonsense over imagined rights of anonymity online. If you want to be anonymous, you can – and no amount of bleating from some half baked, well dressed, shit sheet is going to change that any time soon. Speaking as someone that did it for years, it can be done.

Yet we’ve had not just one article on this tawdry rubbish,  we’ve had a rolling series of articles churned out by this newspaper and its usual suspects over the last few days, with a special collection still to come.

Jay Rosen called it a war on bloggers while the paper itself has laughably called it a debate.

Yet this is not a debate any more than its a war – it’s just a bunch heritage media gibbons throwing poo.

Often this mob will take issue with a blogger over some particular point, or indulge in one of their well known hissyfits and drive by smears – we’ve seen this happen for years with this newspaper. But after the original, sad little article that outed Grog – something certainly deserving of debate – the follow up stories have been singularly defined by their complete absence of any real content; well, once you remove the glorious self justifications and gratuitous fantasies of being the nation’s public interest netcop.

These clowns are trolling the internet.

They’re trolling you.

They’re trying to stir up shit to drive online eyeballs, and so far there’s a lot of people falling for it.

These actions aren’t the mark of leadership in Australian journalism, it’s the mark of a declining newspaper desperate for attention.

It’s also the type of pathetic unhinging we thought was inevitable.

As the saying goes – don’t feed the trolls.

In better news, now that Parliament has returned and political business ramps back up to normal levels, the blog can start doing what it does again. Yes, the break was lovely – thanks 😛


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71 thoughts on “Gibbons throwing poo

  1. quantize

    You’ve done nothing, you’re delusional, it’s all in your mind and nowhere in reality.

    That fact you’re still blithering triumphantly only underlines the level of your delusional.

  2. JamesK

    I’m sorry. I have a cold.

    But, I have quatize fingered accurately.

    It’s liking watching a skewered cockroach.

    How far insane left is too left?

  3. quantize

    any brethren

  4. quantize

    You know nothing about me, or anything brethren you might imagine I have…you’re a right wing cliche desperate to put everyone else into neat little political boxes..

    you fail.

  5. JamesK

    But its a call to arms by your brethern……..

  6. JamesK

    Not Thomas.

    Peter of course….. his loyal lieutenant.

  7. quantize

    you’re blithering and I certainly won’t be clicking on any link posted by a loon like you.

  8. JamesK

    Why dissimulate like an anonymous slinking weasel quantize?

    Will you deny your ‘Lunar-Pseudo-Religious Belief’ thrice pace Thomas?

    We all know you’re a looney thug leftist.

    10:10 are your kind.

    Stop pretending to be what you are not whilst (not quite) denying who you really are.

    Stand by your kind and their disgusting misanthropy:

  9. quantize

    Not that you need any help making a fool of yourself from me JamesK but I guess you didn’t think far enough about satire to remember that Kath N Kim DID have such caricatures in the form of the two homeware shop attendants.

    Either way, you have NO POINT. You ARE talking about caricatures and unfortunately for you people just wont fit into them nice and easy for your slack jawed mentality.

    Quoting bufoons like Henderson only drives the point deal in stupidity. Stick to reading the Oz and your partisan loons, you’ve got nothing to offer in genuine debate but cliches.

  10. JamesK

    Aw…..apparently quatize is paralysed by typecast fear.

    Don’t worry quantize we can all see there’s more than just red behind your caring green facade…….

    Piss-weak yellow for a start…..

  11. quantize

    you James, always. Demographics to pidgeon-hole everyone? You really are a complete idiot.

  12. JamesK

    Good of quatize to yet again demonstrate just why I’ve such a low opinion of his predictably pathetic contributions.

    Of course nary a valid argument to be made about any of the points I raised, let alone the central tenet.

    Presumably unable to say anything even remotely sensible yet again, quantize just resorted to what he is seemingly soley capable of: surrendering the argument and sliming.

    It’s the lefty way.

    Noted demographer Bernard Salt is also a quantize-type moron:

    “One of the key drivers of social division within the city is income. Between 1996 and 2006 the average income per person in Melbourne’s Melton and Wyndham and Sydney’s Blacktown and Penrith hovered a few percentage points above or below the Australian average. For this entire decade these edges of our largest cities represented the heartland of “average Australia”.

    However, it was a different story in the city centre. In Sydney’s inner-western municipality of Leichhardt, income levels on a per-person basis jumped from 43 per cent to 73 per cent above the Australian average over the decade to 2006. Upwardly mobile Leichhardt moved mightily upmarket in a decade. The same upshift applied to Melbourne’s City of Port Phillip, where income levels moved from 27 per cent to 50 per cent above the Australian average in a decade.

    The bottom line is that income levels in the outer suburbs remained “average” during the boom, but in the inner city the gains in income were anything but average. And so not only is there a gap in income levels between inner and outer suburbs, but this gap has widened appreciably…….But the social division of the city goes beyond demographics. The middle and outer suburbs of Melbourne and Sydney contain, depending on how defined, more than 6 million residents (in a nation of 22 million). And yet this is a voice that is rarely heard in the Australian media. Name a newspaper columnist, let alone a radio broadcaster or a television presenter, who projects their perspective on life from within the middle suburbs, never mind outer suburbia.

    Why are there ample caricatures of unsophisticated suburbanites (Kath and Kim, Edna Everage, Kenny) but none of the inner-city elite? Is the educated well-to-do, inner-city-living class beyond parody or satire?

    And it’s not as if a suburban perspective is not relevant in this nation. The middle and outer suburbs account for the majority of the city’s residents and for the vast majority of the city’s growth.”

    Wow….. (as an aside)….that’s rather a thoughtful reflective piece full of facts…published …in ..the Oz……

    Gerard Henderson calls these condescending latte-sipping child-like and childless, selfish, inner-city-elitist types: ‘sandalistas’, in deference to thier Birkenstock fetish and their leftist totalitarian tendencies…….

    Who’s the moron, quantize?

  13. quantize

    anyone who restorts to moronic memes like ‘inner-city elite’ is an idiot who should be ignored..

  14. John Ryan

    About par for the course comments from JamesK Massola is a low life snitch who gets everything directed at him,a coward of the first order

  15. Raty

    Where to start on the “Outing” the bias the attacks on ABC, BBC, etc . Show me the money.
    Bias = build a solid fanatical reader base by pushing what they like to hear – they will be the people willing to pay for the bull the News group puts out. Better to have a business model that has 10,000 paying customers than 100,000 occasional readers paying nothing. Pay nothing = worth nothing. Murdoch is only doing business.
    Good business practice to destroy the competition whether free bloggers, or public broadcasting.
    We still think of News as a journalistic enterprise – it’s NOT – it’s just an enterprise, maybe it’s path will keep it alive but it really has no “higher” goals.

    The grog (kudos to grog) incident has lead me to remove my bookmarks to the oz, I mean why bother going there, george is on holidays too. I occasionally bought the weekend oz – not any more.

  16. JamesK

    What is it with lefties and they’re interminable need to wring their incongruous self-righteous knickers into the proverbial knot over the most inconsequentially facile of purported reasons?

    The Oz is far and away the the best newspaper in the country but that’s not saying very much.

    The legacy media is utterly appaling primarily because of its blinkered leftist bias and woeful reporting statndards.

    Good luck to Laborite blogger, Jericho.

    He did nothing terribly wrong (or at least no more than the perennially simultaneously condescending and stupid inner-city elite leftist braying class that make up Labor-Progressives or/and Greens).

    But, neither did Massola.

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  19. Possum Comitatus

    Got a link to the argy bargy of it Fran?

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