Words simply escape me – just compare and contrast.

Over at The Australian, some dismal attempt at a human being wrote in Media Diary:

A resident of north Queensland has just called into Sydney radio to say the roof of their cubby house was blown off during Cyclone Yasi.

Also, reports of garage doors being battered. Some poles are down. Palm trees have of course lost fronds.

You can see the screen shot here: (click to expand)


You get the joke? No, not the author, the words. There wasn’t enough damage, or enough mayhem, or enough dead people to warrant the concern, or something – it’s just “Much Ado”.

Apparently it’s all very funny in some fringe dwelling social circles.

Meanwhile, this is Cardwell (from the ABC gallery here – again, click to expand)


The miscreant responsible for that drivel should write it on a sandwich board and wear it through the streets of Cardwell.

I’ll pay for the plane ticket.

Don’t worry – it’ll all be Much Ado


Meanwhile – and try not to choke – Ms Media Diary herself tweets:


You couldn’t make this shit up if you tried.

Note: I originally had the comments closed here. I’ve opened them up – just think before you say anything. You know what The Oz is like with their particularly unique legal interpretation of free speech and robust debate.

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