About Pollytics

The History of Possum Comitatus

Possum was once a group character comprising of 4 economists of sorts that haunted the politics and economic forums of the intertubes for a number of years. In April 2007, 3 members of the Possum collective moved on to pursue new and interesting flamewars in non-political areas, leaving me as the sole wearer of the marsupial suit.

In May 2007,  I became not only an accidental blogger, but an accidental poll analyst. As a result of the popularity of the blog, to this day the Possum Comitatus character is and shall now remain the pseudonym of a single writer; Scott Steel, a 35 year old from Northern Bayside Brisbane that has a keen interest in politics and econometrics.

My Politics

Getting regularly called everything from a latte swilling leftoid communist through to a neoliberal over the last few years – in the interests of accuracy, this is where I sit on the political spectrum using two of the better known political tests around the place.

Political Compass

World’s Smallest Political Quiz

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