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Class, voting and broad left demography

One of the most historically accurate predictors of the way people vote in Australian elections has always been the notion of “class”. At its most reductionist, working class voters generally support the ALP, owners of capital and employers generally support the Liberal Party and in the post-war years, rural Australia has generally supported anti-Labor candidates […]

Generational Voting Power

Continuing on from yesterdays post about the historical voting patters of four generations of Australians (Pre-War, Boomers, Gen X and Gen Y) – Kymbos asked in comments about generational voting power. If we use the ABS data for historical population estimates by age, we can figure out the proportion of the electorate (those aged 18 […]

Changing Statistics on Australian Marriage

On Monday, the ABS released their latest installment of data on marriages and divorces in Australia . There’s quite a bit of info in the series that’s worth exploring, but one of the more quirky pieces of data surrounds the occurrence of marriage throughout the year. We can break that down into the proportion of […]

Gen Blue – Coalition Mortality and Electoral Decline

The near conclusion of the long running saga called the Coalition’s Demographic Train Wreck. After spending the last year and a half ferreting out every bit of 2007 election polling I could get my hands on, I think we might have – finally – a good set of estimates for the two party preferred vote […]

Spiffy Toys - Infographic Electoral Demography

Some of you may have been wondering why the electoral demographic profiles haven’t been updated of late. The answer is pretty simple, I couldn’t be bothered to create 150 separate posts, nor do the tedious charting work that went into them. So instead of going down that silly route, I found a much better way. […]

Total Stimulus - Electoral Effects

Yesterday we had a quick squiz at the fiscal side of the stimulus package in terms of which electorates would be expected to get the largest shares of the stimulus pie – those with high proportions of Family Tax Benefit recipients on the one hand and those seats with high proportions of school kids on […]

Kevvie Cash Rewards - Who Wins Where

Just a quickie. Since one large part of the stimulus package is delivered on the basis of Family Tax Benefit qualifications (the cash payments – yeah, yeah – whooda thunk it!) and another part goes to schools – if we want to see which seats the stimulus will have the biggest bang in, we can […]

The Liberal Party Left Flank

I often bang on incessantly about the dubious sustainability of the twin support bases of the Coalition – the social conservative, big government demographic on the one hand and the socially progressive, smallish government demographic on the other. While neither of these two groups are particularly large in the broader electoral scheme of things, they […]

The Statistician's Report

…. has just been released at the ABS. It looks at how Australia has changed across a number of Census, often in popular age cohorts such as Gen X, Y and Boomers etc. Individual chapters are titled Population, Cultural Diversity, Living Arrangements, Community, Education, Work, Economic Resources and Housing. Worth a read. Let me know […]