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The Oz Political Mirror

Over at The Oz there’s a pretty funny Editorial, where yet again the owners of Newspoll are getting all confused about the reality of their own product – seemingly now choosing to ignore everything it has, or has ever had, to say. The first line of the article sets the scene: The next election is […]

Chartmare 2

This a repost from an article over at the Crikey Qld Election Blog. Warning – sunglasses may be needed for the following post. In fact, for those folks that are very sensitive to crimes against data visualisation, this post has also been produced using netbrail. Just close your eyes and feel the screen if you […]


I was going to write about this the other day, but so horrifying was the experience, so psychologically scarring was the image, that I fell into a kind of post-traumatic funk from which I have only just recovered this morning. The Qld Liberal/National Party recently released an economic document which you can see over here […]

ETS - Why 5% in two charts

UPDATE: The internets are revolting! Larvatus Prodeo, John Quiggin, New Matilda, Rooted, Public Opinion, Public Polity. And literally etc etc etc. But please, some of us need to take a deep breath! Over at New Matilda, Ben Eltham wrote: The accepted wisdom is that Kevin Rudd is playing smart politics by wedging the Greens and […]