June, 2010

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How profitable is mining?

, Jun 15, 2010

According to the ABS, very profitable. At the end of last month (May 28), the ABS published their annual “Australian Industry” release which looked at a wide array of comparative industry performance measures for the Australian economy in the 2008/09 financial year. The results for mining are probably worth going over considering the hyperbole venting […]
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What if unemployment was as forecast?

, May 14, 2010

Some folks have asked for an update to a post we did last year on the paths of unemployment – considering we now have eights months more data to work with, it’s worth taking another squiz at. One of the often unappreciated issues with the Australian economy, or any economy for that matter, is time […]
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Class, voting and broad left demography

, Apr 15, 2010

One of the most historically accurate predictors of the way people vote in Australian elections has always been the notion of “class”. At its most reductionist, working class voters generally support the ALP, owners of capital and employers generally support the Liberal Party and in the post-war years, rural Australia has generally supported anti-Labor candidates […]
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From Boom To Bust – How Employment Has Changed

, Mar 19, 2010

Ever wondered where we are all working these days? The latest release of the ABS Labor Force Survey tells us.(click to expand) Health care and social assistance industries have come in as Australia’s largest employer in February, beating the retail sector for only the second time (the first being back in August 2009). Together, these […]
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Unemployment and all that Jazz

, Dec 11, 2009

With yesterday’s ABS release of the Labour Force Survey data, it might be worth having a closer look at it. First up, the basic unemployment rates for the states – and we’ll use the trend measure for all these. Also worth looking at is the amount that the unemployment rates for the States have changed […]
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Dishonesty and the Paths of Unemployment

, Sep 17, 2009

A point that often gets missed in the day to day political hyperbole over discussion of the stimulus and unemployment, is the actual temporal nature of unemployment itself. One of the usual clichés that get thrown around with these so called debates, is that the stimulus has “cost $X for every projected job saved” type […]
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How many hours did we work this month?

, Aug 06, 2009

The ABS has released a new series to accompany their Labour Force Survey results called Aggregate Monthly Hours Worked, which you can read all about over at the ABS site. It’s a nifty new series that the ABS describes as: To complement the existing weekly actual hours worked original estimates, the ABS has developed estimates […]
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Unemployment by Electorate – Part 2

, Aug 02, 2009

Just a quick update from Friday’s post on unemployment by electorate – and for those reading this that haven’t seen the previous post, it’s probably worth having a squiz to know what’s going on. I’ve redone the maps of Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne regions in a much easier to understand format. The cross-hatched areas […]
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Where is unemployment hitting hardest?

, May 25, 2009

The Dept of Human Services has a handy list of government data at the electorate level, one of which is the number of Newstart recipients in each seat. There are currently two sets of this Newstart data available on the site, the first from 27th June 2008, and the second from 1st January 2009. We […]