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general politics

A tale of two majorities

With Alex Somlyay cutting a deal with Labor to become deputy Speaker – giving the government support for no confidence bills and budget supply as part of the agreement, but retaining his right to vote on legislation – we end up with a tale of two majorities on the floor of the House. The first […]

Let the Great Unhinging begin

With two country independents backing Gillard, the Labor party will now pass the only threshold needed in Australia to form government – a majority on the floor of House. There is no other test, there is no other requisite, there is no other qualification needed to control the Treasury benches. But this constitutional reality will […]

When the Worms Turn – The inside info on audience response

You might have seen the health debate yesterday. You may even have been tragic enough to have both Channel Seven and Channel Nine broadcasts on at the same time to compare their respective real-time audience response tracking of the debate – The Pollie Graph for Seven and The Worm for Nine. The first thing you […]

The Election Year Starts Now

Today, the Australian Electoral Commission has released political party funding data for the 2008/09 financial year. It can be seen in all its searchable glory over here. Let us know if you find anything interesting. To wet the whistle, if we look at just those companies that donated to both the Federal ALP and the […]

Push vs. Pull - Asylum Seeker Numbers and Statistics

Round 42 in the never ending war against ratbaggery brings us to the argument of what drives asylum seeker numbers – push factors vs. pull factors. Proponents of the push factor view claim that the numbers of people attempting to enter Australia to seek refugee status – including those that arrive by boat – are […]

Thanks be to our second rate lunatics

Sometimes in Australian politics we might well shake our heads at the nonsense that prevails. Yet regardless of how bad Australian political debate gets, no matter how many howling at the moon lunatics we might have to endure (looking at you Senator Fiskal), we ultimately find ourselves in a very privileged position. We have no […]

Could get messy

From News Ltd today on the next Labor candidate for Wentworth: FORMER high-profile AMA president Kerryn Phelps has emerged as Labor’s favoured star candidate to defeat Malcolm Turnbull in his now marginal seat of Wentworth at the next election. A resolution passed by the ALP Wentworth Federal Electorate Council this month stating: Please enter your […]

You'd have to be a lead poisoned crackhead to believe this.

There’s an awful lot of twaddle doing the rounds with the Ozcar thing – but this takes the cake. Over at The Oz, Glenn Milne and his “sources” would have us believe that the infamous exchange between the PM’s advisor Andrew Charlton and Malcolm Turnbull actually went something like this: According to colleagues briefed on […]

Essential Report: Ruddnet China and Budget Edition

This week’s Essential Report comes in with the primaries running to the ALP 51 (down 3)/ 34 (up 2), for a two party preferred of 61/39 – the ALP dropping 2 points from the stratospheric highs of 63. This came from a 2 week rolling sample of 1833, giving a hypothetical margin of error of […]

Nerds Need You!

Andrew Norton is running a spiffy survey that’s trying to add some value to the question of the variability of policy positions taken by folks with the same self-declared political identity. He sums it up thusly: My impression from years of talking policy and politics with a wide variety of people, and editing a classical […]