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How the 2007 election doubled the Greens vote everywhere.

There’s a Victorian state Newspoll out this morning via The Oz that has the Coalition leading the ALP on the primary vote by 40/35, but with the two party preferred running 52/48 the other way. This comes about because the Greens vote is sitting on a high of 19. That’s all good and well, but […]

Class, voting and broad left demography

One of the most historically accurate predictors of the way people vote in Australian elections has always been the notion of “class”. At its most reductionist, working class voters generally support the ALP, owners of capital and employers generally support the Liberal Party and in the post-war years, rural Australia has generally supported anti-Labor candidates […]

A closer look at the Green vote

From comments yesterday, it might be a good time to have a bit of a squiz at how the Greens have been performing in the vote estimates over the last 12 months. The common theme with the Greens has been on how their vote has been growing substantially over recent times, and while that is […]

Greens choose moralising crypto-communist for Higgins

The Greens have chosen a pro-net censorship, hysterical purveyor of moral panics and all round crypto–communist to stand in the Liberal heartland seat of Higgins. A seat where the ALP isn’t running, where the Greens actually stood a chance to take the seat with a really good candidate – but where, instead of showing some […]

The Greens and Electoral Roll Expansion

When the ALP recently floated the idea of allowing 16 and 17 year olds to vote, the thing that struck me was, firstly, how so many Greens were in favour of the idea and secondly, how so many Libs opposed it. Being a cynic and believing that even with the cute and cuddly Greens, 90% […]

Greens – Structural Change or Parked Vote?

The patterns of the vote estimates for the Greens since the 2004 election are rather interesting, showing a considerable upswing late in 2007 that carried through the election into 2008 to settle own at what looks like a new base level. If we use the Newspoll quarterly aggregations to track the Greens vote since the […]

Why don’t you vote Green? An honest question.

This morning I had a really interesting conversation about the Greens political fortunes and future on twitter with a couple of Greens folk and others. (yes, it is amazing what you can fit into 140 characters or less) The topic soon moved onto Greens electoral demographics – not only who votes for the Greens, but […]