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Words simply escape me – just compare and contrast. Over at The Australian, some dismal attempt at a human being wrote in Media Diary: A resident of north Queensland has just called into Sydney radio to say the roof of their cubby house was blown off during Cyclone Yasi. Please enter your email address Sign […]

US Midterms and more Reactor responses

That peculiar Tuesday in November has come again, where the US midterm elections will be taking up the mind of your average political tragic today.  Roy Morgan Research has run their Reactor technology over another couple of batches of political advertising, giving us a look at American audience responses. The first batch is from this […]

Gibbons throwing poo

As Australia enters a period where we are going to have one of the largest battle of ideas for decades, the noisiest newspaper in the country  – once proudly considered the national broadsheet – has been transformed by its current leadership into such a farcical shadow of its former self, that it has resorted to […]

Abbott radio interview from 1979

Over at the University of New England, Kate Doak – the Operations Manager of UNE’s radio station Tune FM -has pulled from the archives of old Radio UNE an interview the station did with Tony Abbott in 1979, back when he was President of the Sydney University Student Representative Council. Delicately converted from the old […]

The Australian – getting it wrong again

Part of the government’s stimulus package response to the global financial crisis was the Regional and Local Community Infrastructure Program.It consisted of a series of grants to local authorities to build or renew things like community centres, sporting facilities, parks, town halls etc – the usual suspects in community infrastructure. The program consisted of two […]

Public perceptions of media, bias and accuracy

This week’s Essential Report had an interesting set of questions on public perceptions of influence and trust as they apply to a number of various groups in Australia, one being the media. That got me thinking about public perceptions of the media more generally, so today we’ll have a quick squiz at the polling data […]

Who do you think you are kidding Mr Abbott

The Libs latest ad: [youtube][/youtube] Love the red arrows, except who didnt instantly think of this? Please enter your email address Sign up [youtube][/youtube] Meanwhile, the Australian Parliamentary Library has just released a paper titled “Asylum seekers and refugees: what are the facts?” Unsurprisingly, there’s not a red arrow to be seen. But this isn’t […]

Then and Now - self interested backflips on resource taxes.

Following on from this mornings effort of The Oz being played like a violin by the resources companies, an exercise in why most of the bitching and moaning you’ll hear about the resource tax is a lobbying exercise to cut the best deal. Clive Palmer: Then – February 22nd 2010 Please enter your email address […]

How Rio Tinto played The Australian for fools

Today, The Australian’s above the fold, front page story screams the headline “Rio shelves billions in projects” Andrew Burrell and our old mate Dennis Shanahan then spend 1000 words banging on about how Rudd’s proposed resource rent tax is already killing off projects, with Rio Tinto leading the way.Their starting spiel sets the tone: Mining […]

The BER Audit Report

“The Australian National Audit Office today released the audit report “Building the Education Revolution – Primary Schools for the 21st Century” that government has been sitting on for a few months. You can download it in all its glory here. Update: This post is mostly for those that have read the report – if you […]