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Introducing Tim Nicholls, the man who doesn't realise he's the Treasurer

Introducing the Qld Treasurer

Introducing Tim Nicholls, the man who doesn't realise he's the Treasurer

The CSIRO gets HIP to debunking media hysteria

The CSIRO last week released what was effectively a statistical analysis of the reality surrounding large parts of the infamous Home Insulation Program – or for those of you not familiar with this particular policy, you may have heard about it via it’s common alternative name in the mainstream media, the “OMG, PETER GARRETT IS […]

What's a 1.8 billion levy look like?

We’ll all be rooned by the Great Big New Tax Levy – it will put pressure on the retail sector, it’s a mateship tax, it will hit demand at a vulnerable time, first borns will die etc etc. Those were the lines earlier today from a variety of usual suspects on the governments now proposed […]

A comprehensive look at what we think of our health system

Last month, the Menzies Centre for Health Policy released a health survey where they teamed up with The Nous Group to measure Australian perceptions of our health system. It was a telephone poll with a sample of 1201, giving us an MoE that maxes out around the 3% mark. A fairly broad range of questions […]

Insulation Fire Risk – The data is in

Back in February of this year when a debate popped up in the media over the insulation program – if one loosely defines “debate” as screeching “OMG!! YOUR HOUSES ARE ALL GOING TO BURN DOWN”  – we thought that it might be worthwhile for someone to take their underpants off their head and have a […]

What would a proper regional solution look like?

There was a lot of predictability in the responses to yesterday’s Gillard speech and policy proposals on asylum seekers, at least as far as the broader commentariat were concerned – the Labor leaners loved it,  the Green left saw dog-whistles, while the wingnuts created yet another acute shortage of tin foil in supermarkets around the […]

How profitable is mining – Part 2

Yesterday we had a quick squiz at the profitability of the Australian mining industry compared to both other domestic industries as well as the world’s largest 40 mining companies. Today, it’s worth a taking a closer look at how mining industry profitability in Australia plays out on the basis of business size as well as […]

Now Listen Up Kev – What about this housing bizzo?

In an act of impeccable timing, George Meg over at the The Oz on Saturday had a great article on housing affordability (which has now turned up on his blog) and is a must read. As happens disturbingly often with Mr Meganomics ( and why the timing is impeccable), I’ll often be planning to write […]

First Do No Harm – The Unattainable Luxury Part II

The last thread was simply amazing for the quality and the depth of the contributions given by all (for that I thank you) , and it highlighted one of the biggest impediments that we face in trying to get to grips with what’s needed to finally address the national shame; there are so many problems, […]

First Do No Harm – The Unattainable Luxury

Can anyone say with any honesty that there is a social and economic policy issue that is more important to finally deal with than the plight of aboriginal communities, particularly remote aboriginal communities? This is surely our national disgrace. We might not do some things as well as we ought to, we probably should pay […]