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Beware the substance of nothing

Today’s Newspoll result shows the Labor Party with an election winning lead of 52% to 48% on the two party preferred, with a margin of error of +/- 3%. This is  a one point gain to Labor from the previous Newspoll and the third consecutive Newspoll where Labor has gained a point on the two […]


In 2008, Australia had 161 boat people arrive. In 2008, Australia had 4750 applications for asylum submitted. In 2008, France, the UK and Italy combined had 96,870 applications for asylum submitted. In 2008, 51 industrialised countries participating in the UNHCR statistics program had

Tony Abbott - Running With Scissors

Fresh from the virginity quips – which, as one of you lot pointed out in comments,  makes us wonder when we’re going to get a “Better Party to Manage” poll on that issue – comes a new episode of Tony running with scissors on the female vote. The audio (all 20 seconds of it) can […]

What does The Australian think about business regulation costs?

What does The Australian think about business regulation costs? Would they believe, perhaps: Small businesses are unhappy at the time and expense in maintaining inflexible award conditions. Tough Nope. That would be ridiculous. What about: Australian companies are unhappy at the time and expense in maintaining separate State based business regulation regimes. Tough. Nope… not […]

More Higgins Nonsense

Anyone else getting sick and tired of the rampant nonsense being peddled about the Higgins by-election result? Just to pick a random perpetrator, Tim Colebatch  – a normally sensible person – thought it would be wise to write some particularly non-sensible things in The Age about what really happened in Higgins. In a rather courageous […]

Peak Wingnut

In his continuing quest for relevance, Andrew Bolt went blogbaiting yesterday. It was the usual wingnut bingo board – ABC, Crikey, leftist conspiracies, Jonathan Green, Eric Beecher, Annabel Crabb – the typical sort of content diversity that we’ve all come to expect from that end of the online swamp. I’m usually spared this sort of […]

You'd have to be a lead poisoned crackhead to believe this.

There’s an awful lot of twaddle doing the rounds with the Ozcar thing – but this takes the cake. Over at The Oz, Glenn Milne and his “sources” would have us believe that the infamous exchange between the PM’s advisor Andrew Charlton and Malcolm Turnbull actually went something like this: According to colleagues briefed on […]

What's Your Professional Reputation?

Roy Morgan has just released my favourite poll of theirs – public perceptions of ethics and honesty for various professions. They ask the following question: As I say different occupations, could you please say — from what you know or have heard – which rating best describes how you, yourself, would rate or score people […]

A Warning on Tomorrow's Unemployment Figures

With the ABS releasing the May employment data tomorrow via its monthly Labour Force Survey, it might be worth pulling the rug out from under the inevitable stupidity that has accompanied the media commentary on the figures lately. Remembering back to the last data released for April, the ABS had unemployment reducing from 5.7% down […]