Ever wondered what proportion of an electorate works in manufacturing? What about the proportion of each electorate receiving Family Tax Benefit Part A? Maybe you were just interested in the age or income distribution of a seat? Here is the answer to all of those questions plus many, many more.

Below is a flash app that has a variety of economic, social and political indicators mapped to each of Australia’s 150 Commonwealth electoral divisions. The statistics are derived from the 2006 census, 2008 data from various government departments and the Australian Electoral Commission.

Simply choose a seat from the left hand side of the application (where seats are grouped by State) and then click the tabs marked Economic, Social, Employment and Industry, Occupation and Political to see the relevant data charted for each seat. The seats are based on the electoral boundaries for the 2007 election. For the two party preferred history of each seat, the results are as they occurred at each election under the electoral boundaries of that election. For exact figures on the charts, just place your mouse over the charts themselves. The income distribution figures are Gross Individual Income (weekly) in dollars.

For those of you wondering where each of these seats actually are in the country, the AEC has a handy list where the geographic info for each seat is but a click away:


Simply click on the screenshot of the application below to launch it in a new browser -then just resize your browser to whatever size works best for you.


Please Note that the 2007 primary vote results for the NT seats of Solomon and Lingiari are out, as the Country Liberal Party was tallied into the broad “Others” group. The CLP received 46.8% in Solomon and 34.7% in Lingiari. I’ll fix that up, and make a few changes for the next release.