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Insert Ominous Music Part II

We haven’t looked at how the dynamics between the satisfaction ratings, the beauty pageant contest (preferred PM) and the primary votes have been playing out for a while. So without further ado, a quick short post filled with graphics.      

Insert Ominous Music

Insert Ominous Music

I prefer early Byzantine church music myself, but anything with deep subwoofer destroying bass and an appropriately foreboding vibe would suffice. We are talking of course, about todays Newspoll that you can peruse HERE. The main figures show the TPP at 59/41 to the ALP with the primary vote running 51/37 Labors way.   The […]

Thinking the Unthinkable

Just a short, quick post. I was reading around the usual pollyblogging and MSM political commentary today and there is this meme that anchors nearly every discussion about how the polls are panning out; Come the election campaign, the polls will narrow and the ultimate winner of the election will enjoy a 52-48, or a […]

Hasta la vista, McPherson.

Well maybe not, but it’s going to be a lot, lot closer than most people realise. We are talking of course, about the most South Eastern seat in Qld, based around the area of the southern Gold Coast. For you Mexicans reading this that rarely get above the Rio Tweed, let me introduce to you […]

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Site Additions

I’m currently sprucing up the place getting it ready for the election, so I thought I’d better give a quick overview of these new bits and pieces. The Contact page speaks for itself – it has a built in mail form plus my email address. The current 4 poll average is the last Morgan, ACN, […]

To Marginals and Beyond!

In the Pantheon of Polls, Galaxy has consistently been the most favourable to the Coalitions fortunes, showing them to be two to three points better off in their primary and TPP vote than the other polling outfits. Subsequently, Galaxy became the poll de jour for Coalition members, supporters and assorted hangers on – their last […]

Howards Movements

When analysing what makes voters tick, we often get carried away with satisfaction ratings, preferred PM levels, trends, counter trends and notions of who can manage what best. Yet, after all the navel gazing and the statistical analysis of the goat entrails, some things stand out a hell of a lot clearer than others. If […]

I Love the Smell of Interest Rates in the Morning

I Love the Smell of Interest Rates in the Morning

Well not really, unless I was a self-funded retiree – but before we head down that route, let’s fold the latest Newspoll into our monthly Newspoll average and see what’s been going on. The Libs and the ALP primary vote can be read from the left hand side, the Nats can be read from the […]

ALP scores rate rise first blood.

ALP scores rate rise first blood.

The latest Morgan face-to-face poll is in, the first measuring the affect of the interest rate rise on voting intentions. Leading up to the polling, the question I was concerned about was whether the benefit the Coalition may receive out of higher interest rates (the economic management in tough times argument) would be greater […]

For Whom the Inertia Tolls

In-er-tia : the property of polling by which a political party retains its voting level at a state of rest, or its voting level along a straight line so long as it is not acted upon by an external force…. …… such as the actions of its political opponents. Take a squiz at this: The […]