September, 2010

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Want to double average income in 4 years?

, Sep 15, 2010

For that’s exactly what happened in the WA town of Ravensthorpe between the 2003/04 and 2007/08 financial years – driven by the construction and opening of the BHP Ravensthorpe nickel mine. Sadly for the residents of Ravensthorpe, the mine was mothballed shortly after opening as a result of weak nickel prices – but it highlights […]
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How profitable is mining – Part 2

, Jun 16, 2010

Yesterday we had a quick squiz at the profitability of the Australian mining industry compared to both other domestic industries as well as the world’s largest 40 mining companies. Today, it’s worth a taking a closer look at how mining industry profitability in Australia plays out on the basis of business size as well as […]
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National Imprisonment Rates

, Nov 27, 2009

Yesterday the ABS released a set of corrective services data that shows us how many people are sitting in the big house at any given time. Among the figures there were quite a few surprises, as well as a quite few unfortunately predictable results. First up, the national figures by state and territory. For all […]
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Charts of the Day

, Nov 25, 2009

First up, the obligatory Opposition leadership speculation chart. Next up, a few people have asked whether anyone runs a “Country heading in the Right/Wrong Direction?” question in the polls and how it stacks up. Well, Morgan does and it pretty much walks hand in hand
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Unemployment Stats

, Nov 12, 2009

With the release of today’s ABS Labour Force Survey and the unemployment figures, it might be worth having a squiz at a few things. Firstly, the way the unemployment rate in each state has been behaving: Qld is the only State where unemployment hasn’t started to taper off, with NSW looking like it’s leading the […]
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Net Access – More Than Just Smut and Piracy

, Oct 29, 2009

With the debate about the National Broadband Network well underway, some of the dismissals of why a population would need higher broadband speeds (or as Kevin Rudd so quaintly called it at the Tasmanian Community Cabinet meeting, “Bandspeed”) – often bounce around somewhere between the ridiculous and the incredulous. It’s not only the economic and […]

Wednesday Odds and Sods

, Sep 30, 2009

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has a unit called Betaworks, which is where a bunch of nerdy types ferret away making spiffy toys for future ABS deployment. Their latest effort is an interactive population pyramid. It’s worth pressing the play button to see the full visual impact of the projections of our ageing population. While […]
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Changing Statistics on Australian Marriage

, Sep 03, 2009

On Monday, the ABS released their latest installment of data on marriages and divorces in Australia . There’s quite a bit of info in the series that’s worth exploring, but one of the more quirky pieces of data surrounds the occurrence of marriage throughout the year. We can break that down into the proportion of […]
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Agriculture and Climate Change

, Aug 18, 2009

Yesterday the ABS released a supplementary piece of analysis to the recent Standing Committee on Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport report into Climate Change and the Australian Agricultural Sector. This ABS analysis focuses on the views of farm managers on climate change and it’s effects on their business. Some of the findings are interesting […]
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How many hours did we work this month?

, Aug 06, 2009

The ABS has released a new series to accompany their Labour Force Survey results called Aggregate Monthly Hours Worked, which you can read all about over at the ABS site. It’s a nifty new series that the ABS describes as: To complement the existing weekly actual hours worked original estimates, the ABS has developed estimates […]