June, 2010

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How profitable is mining – Part 2

, Jun 16, 2010

Yesterday we had a quick squiz at the profitability of the Australian mining industry compared to both other domestic industries as well as the world’s largest 40 mining companies. Today, it’s worth a taking a closer look at how mining industry profitability in Australia plays out on the basis of business size as well as […]
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How profitable is mining?

, Jun 15, 2010

According to the ABS, very profitable. At the end of last month (May 28), the ABS published their annual “Australian Industry” release which looked at a wide array of comparative industry performance measures for the Australian economy in the 2008/09 financial year. The results for mining are probably worth going over considering the hyperbole venting […]
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From Boom To Bust – How Employment Has Changed

, Mar 19, 2010

Ever wondered where we are all working these days? The latest release of the ABS Labor Force Survey tells us.(click to expand) Health care and social assistance industries have come in as Australia’s largest employer in February, beating the retail sector for only the second time (the first being back in August 2009). Together, these […]