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Comparing Australian pollsters and their relative partisan leans

How Australian Pollsters lean

Comparing Australian pollsters and their relative partisan leans

Australian federal election simulations and polling trends


Australian federal election simulations and polling trends

Carbon Price opinion – the starting gates

Over the next 12 months, we’ll have more polls on pricing carbon than we can poke a stick at – some more valuable than others –  so it’s probably worth taking a squiz at where public views of carbon pricing sit at the starting gates of what will probably be a bit of a rollercoaster […]

The trends for February’s ends

Now that a Morgan phone poll has been released, we have a complete set of polls making up a single polling cycle for the first time this year.  Since some of these buggers have spent a fair bit of time in the festive season wilderness, it’s probably worth taking a look at how they’ve all […]

Public Opinion on same sex marriage

With three separate polls having been released over the last couple of months gauging public opinion on same sex marriage, it’s worth taking a squiz at how opinion has changed over the last few years, as well as breaking the results down to look at how there is a fairly wide variation on views among […]

The Polls of Election Day

A big wad of new polling comes in today as all the pollsters vie for bragging rights of being the most accurate – which is pretty funny in itself since the pollster that ultimately ends up being closest to the actual election result does so purely through chance and chance alone. But far from be […]

Holy Godzilla Polls Batman

Out of today’s Fairfax press comes the results of the JWS Research poll (full results here) we’ve all been hearing so much about. With a total sample size of 28,000, (no you didn’t read that wrong, twenty eight thousand!)  some of you folks would have either been polled yourself last Saturday and Sunday, or know […]

Polls and marginal benefit

Recovering from tech failure yesterday, we have a basket of new polls including a Nielsen, a Morgan phone poll and two sets of marginal seat polling – one from Galaxy and one from Newspoll. First up, the all pollster chart: Please enter your email address Sign up Every pollster has shown an increase for Labor […]

Nielsen Saturday

This brisk Saturday morning brings us a Nielsen poll via the Fairfax press running from a sample of 1369, giving us an MoE that maxes out around the 2.6% mark – the vote estimates, their change since last week’s Nielsen and the pref flows –  broken down into gender and geography to the usual decimal […]

First campaign election simulation

With the Newspoll release today of a slightly smaller than usual demographic breakdown (n=3437 rather than the usual n=5500+), we can combine them up with the last 2 Nielsen polls and run them through our election simulation – representing the broad period of July 22nd through to August 2nd, with a pooled sample of n=6193. […]