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Topic: trust

Galaxy, trust and vote barriers

Last night on Channel Nine news, a Galaxy poll was published that was supposed to be a “bombshell”. It was taken over the period July 17/18, making it the first full post-election announcement poll (today’s Newspoll on the other hand, which we looked at here, would only be 50-65 odd percent taken after the election […]

Essential Report – Trust and RSPT

This week’s Essential Report comes in with the primaries running 41 (Coalition down 2)/ 40 (ALP up 2), washing out into a two party preferred of 52/48 to Labor – a 2 point gain to the ALP over the last week. The Greens are steady on 10, while the broad “Others” are steady on 9. […]

Nielsen – ETS and Trust

Nielsen asked an additional set of questions to accompany their vote estimates published in Fairfax today – two focusing on the ETS and another measuring the trust that people have in each leader. The first question was a standard ETS question: Do you support or oppose an Emissions Trading Scheme for Australia? Please enter your […]

Holy Treasury Moley Batman.Polling, Trust and Malcolm Turnbull.

What started out as a conniption over the gift of a second hand car has quickly descended into scandal over gifts of second-hand information. If Grech turns out to be the long suspected Treasury Mole – the one that brought us such hits as Cabinet dissent over Fuelwatch and leaked correspondence between RBA Governor Glen […]