No one loves the old show of force — or pre-emptive strike, if you will — quite as much as the wingnuts. Yesterday, within a day of Pure Poison’s launch, we witnessed an attempted display of such from a tetchy bunch of bloggers, whose semi-united front against the new site and its contributors ended up looking more like a throng of screechy, scrawny teenagers wielding flaccid sticks of rhubarb.

The assault was led by the increasingly petulant Tim Blair, and was notable for only one reason: his violation of the “Lifetime Blair Immunity” he granted Jeremy Sear last March:

” … under the terms of which [Jeremy] may continue to write whatever [he wishes] about me but I vow never to respond”.

Blair, whose obsessive interest in the Israel/Palestine conflict should surely have made him an expert on ceasefire violations by now, managed to hold out less than 11 months. Granted, that’s longer than he predicted the invasion of Iraq would last — but it’s a far cry from a “lifetime”, even for a bloke who only quibbles over numbers when it suits his prejudices.

A man of his word? More like a man of his hero John “Never Ever” Howard’s word.

The rest of his attack is the typical Blair tomfoolery: old, self-declared “victories” rehashed — including one over GrodsCorp blogger Bron, who has nothing to do with Pure Poison — and a stunningly disingenuous treatment of Jeremy Sear’s bullying analogy that would make even Godwin blush.

Which leads us to the next attacker: Skeptic Lawyer (aka Helen Demidenko Darville Dale), who links approvingly to Tim Blair’s piece but then, today, declines to publish the following comment from reader James Boag:

The main thrust of Tim’s criticism of Sear is that using the events of WWII in Eastern Europe as a means to self-promotion, or to prove a fatuous point, is always evil and wrong. Do you agree?”

(thanks, James, for the tip-off)

Clearly, The Hand that Signed the Paper‘s author has no sense of humour. Which makes her views on what constitutes a humorous blog all the more laughable. Dale is disappointed that Crikey has employed a bunch of bloggers from GrodsCorp — a site she calls “very, very unfunny” and whose contributors she describes as “bullying nitwits” and “among the nastier bunches floating around the Oz interwebs”.

Yet who do we find in Dale’s blogroll? None other than bullying nitwit Tim Blair who, in collusion with some of the “Oz interwebs'” most deranged bottom-feeders (including Andrew Bolt), has spent years trying to intimidate Jeremy Sear, prying into his private life, trying to damage his career, poking fun at his divorce and so on.

Jeremy is by no means the only person Blair, his winged monkeys and the blogosphere’s biggest creeps have targeted; and, needless to say, GrodsCorp has never involved itself in anything this disgraceful — but that’s beside the point.

The point, of course, is that gnashing one’s teeth about “nastiness” and “bullying” on the same page as a Tim Blair link is breathtaking in its hypocrisy.

As far as bottom-feeders go, little-known blogger J.F. Beck was the most unctuous to weigh in to yesterday’s Pure Poison attack. Beck’s blog has for years been little more than an exercise in ingratiating himself to Tim Blair with creepy personal pot-shots Jeremy Sear and ham-fisted attacks on Antony Loewenstein. Not surprisingly for someone of Blair’s ego, it seems to have worked — the two exchange links (and cuddly emails) with almost the same loving frequency as Blair and Bolt.

I won’t bother posting a link to Beck’s site because it (like the man himself, who all those years ago stalked Jeremy until he’d uncovered his identity) truly is a steaming pile of shit. But if you really must have a look at it, you can find a link in Legal Eagle’s blogroll at (gasp!) anti-bullying-humour-authority Helen Dale’s site.

Last, and most certainly least, a pathetic bankrupt you probably don’t care about had a crack too. But the less said about him, the better.

Blair yesterday claimed:

“Jeremy and co. have been throwing punches for years, but so far have never landed a hit”.

Readers of Pure Poison and the old Blair/Bolt Watch Project will, of course, make a more objective assessment of this than Tim. But to judge by the desperate and feeble attack of his hastily assembled strike force (UPDATE! UPDATE! UPDATE!) yesterday, I’d guess some anxious little birdies are anticipating some serious ruffling of feathers in the near future.

We look forward to rattling their cages.

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