1. Announce that regular commenters at your blog have had their names stolen by trolls, with racist comments posted in those names. 

    ALERT: We have detected in past two days a number of new readers – or old readers using new fake names – posing as racists and claiming to be my keenest supporters. This is clearly an attempt to produce trumped-up evidence for someone then to claim that this blog encourages racism, when – as you know – the reality is that I am militantly against it, whether racism of the old kind or the New Racism of the Left.

  2. Get your mate to re-post the announcement on his blog and make not-so-subtle suggestions about the involvement of a new blog that you both dislike.

    Andrew Bolt is hit by racist fakery… Interesting that this has happened over the past two days; possibly someone is encouraging this kind of thing.

  3. Leave a comment at the new blog from an anonymous Brazilian IP address highlighting these racist comments.

Problem is, we’re not publishing that comment because it’s clearly an attempt to smear us with a conspiratorial sting that exists only in the minds of two rattled News Ltd. bloggers. FAIL.

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