Recycled dishonesty.

I noticed much the same with the wind farm near Wonthaggi during the worst of Victoria’s heat wave:

28/1 3:00pm CALM

28/1 09:00am 4km/h

28/1 06:00am 4km/h

27/1 3:00pm 7km/h

27/1 09:00am 9km/h

27/1 06:00am 4km/h

26/1 03:00pm 15km/h

26/1 09:00am CALM

26/1 06:00am CALM

Recycled rebuttal.

Of course, Andy has selectively selected some days this week that show poor wind speeds, during a heatwave that features hot north winds and not the prevailing south-west winds for which the turbines were designed. He has also completely ignored wind data for the rest of January and previous months that show much more robust gusts of wind.

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