Since Pure Poison launched, there has been a lot of discussion in the blogosphere about blog comments – where the boundaries are for (in)appropriateness, how to carry out effective moderation, etc. We’re pleased to have stimulated this sort of debate and brought scrutiny to the practices of so-called mainstream media blogs.

But I would have thought that we could all come together in agreeing that this, from Andrew Bolt’s “Forum” thread for today, was not something a moderator should approve:

UPDATE: And another spam message has made it through – Bolt’s blog is helping you find a date and sort out your credit woes:

This Sunday morning amusement leaves me with two questions:

  1. Was it a big Saturday night at Bolterator HQ?
  2. Can we look forward to allegations that operatives from ERIC BEECHER’S SITE are posing as Zimbabwean dating consultants and Lithuanian lenders?
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