Miranda Devine is really upset about the NSW government’s slowly, slowly approach to reforming the demerit points system for drivers. And in the first paragraph she employs the incredibly weak excuse used by all drivers who are upset about ever being pinged: everyone else was breaking the law so why shouldn’t I?

We all breathed a sigh of relief when the Roads Minister, Michael Daley, announced last November he would reform the draconian demerits points system. No longer would good drivers fear losing their licences for being snapped keeping up with the traffic flow.

Anyway, the rest of Miranda’s article is a rant against “single issue” pedestrian and bicycle “zealots”, conveniently sparing automobile lobbyists the “single issue” label. Because, like, car lobbyists are fair and balanced and stuff.

But the most galling slur in the piece is aimed at ex-Minister for Roads Carl Scully, who Devine feels necessary to label as a “vegan cyclist”, as if Scully’s dietary choices and decision to ride a bicycle influence his work. I mean, I could almost accept the link between Scully being a cyclist and his decisions as Roads Minister, but his diet?

Stick to the relevant facts, Miranda.

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