Marcus Einfeld broke the law by driving too fast, and broke it again by lying repeatedly. A judge decided that he should spend a few years in jail and so be it. Teh Law has spoken. But that’s not enough for one sanctimonious commentator who instead of condemning just Einfeld has condemned Teh Entire Left.

Piers Ackerman was so drunk with sanctimony that he bashed out a typo-riddled piece

Sanctimonious arrogance let (sic) to Einfeld’s downfall… A two-year minimum sentence is barely enough time for the disgraced former Federal Court judge Marcus Einfeld to consider is (sic) fall from grace… he has shown himself to be one of the more shallow public figures characters (sic)… NSW Supreme Court Justice Bruce James detailed the lies that the forme (sic) judge told police… for whom the the (sic) stretch of freeway near Bondi Junction is named… or experience the shame he should be feeling now.. (sic)

…blaming “inner-urban liberals who sanctimoniously believe their very public good works absolve them from the rules which govern society”, chucking in a couple of nice strawmen for good measure.

There will be some deluded people who feel that Einfeld has been shamed enough by being publicly dragged through this affair but that was entirely his own decision.
Some will claim that Einfeld’s past good works should, in some way, excuse his crimes.

At least Andrew Bolt just called Einfeld a “sanctimonious blowhard”. Can’t really argue with that.

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