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Andrew Bolt

Apr 8, 2009

Compare and contrast

When they can be exploited to suit Andrew Bolt's anti-green agenda,

When they can be exploited to suit Andrew Bolt’s anti-green agenda, pensioners need financial relief:

THE green jihad against airconditioners must stop. Too many elderly Australians have died already.

Just how many died because power blackouts knocked out their airconditioning is not known. And I doubt either [VIC or SA] government will ever say.

But what we are told is that both states now have plans to cut off the airconditioning – or make it too costly for pensioners to use – just when the heat is at its most lethal and the lives of the elderly hang in the balance.

But watch out when they’re adding to the Rudd Government’s budget deficit:

And there’s more to come, including a pension increase in the next budget, and an infrastructure package later this year. We are being drowned in debt, with no sign of being able to repay it for many, many years to come.

P.S. Aside from the contrast between them, there’s plenty of logical flaws in both of those posts from Bolt. Feel free to use the comments to dissect them.

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11 thoughts on “Compare and contrast

  1. zoot

    Bolt’s readers are still struggling to enter the 20th Century

    A lot of them wouldn’t be out of place in the 18th century.

  2. Bloods05

    Bolt prefers facts when they conform to his version of the Truth. He is not fond of the other kind.The ones that don’t generate hits.

  3. bertus

    This is a classic example of telling half the truth to make a political point from Bolt. What the power company is proposing makes a heck of a lot of sense and will SAVE lives in fact.

    These smart meters are (apparently – would still want to see one in action) smart enough to, for instance, turn off the aircon compressor for 15 minutes in the hour then turn it back on, while leaving the fan running. Apparently you wouldn’t notice it or you would just be beginning to notice it when the compressor went back on, even in the middle of a heatwave.

    The smart meter apparently can do the same thing to fridges and to unused appliances like plasma TVs, computers and computer terminals etc.

    The idea is to SAVE power so that a whole suburb doesn’t get blacked out. Blackouts are what kill people. This is an excellent use of 21st Century smart technology (with the caveat that it works as advertised…)

    Of course Bolt’s readers are still struggling to enter the 20th Century, so it’s all a bit of a leap for them I guess, hence the usual parade of snarky rubbish canning teh left and teh lunatic Greenies….


  4. DeanL

    When I first saw Bolt’s column posted on his blog, it had “Kill a Pensioner” in the title. Must have thought better of it and has now amended it to “Fry a Pensioner”. So much more reasonable, Andy.

    A few articles below this, Andy castigates journalists the world over for sensationalising and exaggerating in relation to AGW. Good thing you’re above all that sort of carry on Andy. Now…carry on Andy…

  5. confessions

    LOL @ bloods05.

  6. Bloods05

    “…honestly, since when did this kind of quasi-religious fervour have any place in matters economic?”

    Ever since Adam Smith discovered the Invisible Hand of the Free Market.

  7. Evil Bill

    Clearly this a tacit admission by Bolt that the planet is warming. Surely he knows there was a time before Australia had air-conditioners, yet the heat was enough to start killing “too many elderly Australians”.

  8. monkeywrench

    On the same day as he invents a jihad, Bolt links once again to Dr.Roy Spencer and his little graph of satellite temperature measurements ostensibly showing the troposphere hasn’t warmed.
    RealClimate takes Dr.Roy apart quite nicely here.
    In this day and age of easily-checked links, refutable claims and almost instantaneous information exchange, you’d think Bolt would exercise a little caution. But no, once again we have dubious science and its promulgators trotted out for the edification of the ignorant.

  9. surlysimon

    Someone should challenge him to name one person who died because a power failure shut down their Aircon.
    And has Andrew forgoten that the Power industry in this state was privatised and therefor any failure of production is a failure of the market, surely if there was all this demand out there for electricity there would be companies lining up to build power stations. But of course what the industries want is for the Govt to build them a power station and then sell it at a loss.

    “But what we are told is that both states now have plans to cut off the airconditioning – or make it too costly for pensioners to use – just when the heat is at its most lethal and the lives of the elderly hang in the balance” We are told by whom?

    And as one of his posters has pointed out, Andrew says the world is cooling so we won’t need Aircon any way. I love it that when someone points out the flaw in Andrew’s column about the deficit he is instantly called a troll.

  10. confessions

    he’s certainly a doomsday soothsayer when it comes to climate change. last I read of his climate change fanaticism we were supposed to be fearful of the cold, not warming. now he’s whipping up more hysteria over pensioners left to die at home because of a “green jihad” on aircons, when all the government is doing is using price signals to make people think about their power usage during peak times. that’s it, no deliberate killing of old people, no frying of pensioners.

    honestly, since when did this kind of quasi-religious fervour have any place in matters economic?

  11. alexander white


    For Immediate Release
    Wednesday, 8 April 2009


    The “Green Jihad Against Air Conditioners” has been officially declared as over, the Grand Green Mufti of the Green Jihad Against Air Conditioners, Alex White announced today.

    “Today the Green Jihad Against Air Conditioners is over,” Mr White said, while standing next to one of the very air conditions he has waged a “Green Holy War” against for many years.

    “Thanks to the misinformed and sensationalist article today in Melbourne’s Herald Sun by Mr Andrew Bolt, we Green Jihadists Against Air Conditioners have realised the error of our ways,” he said.

    “Our Green Jihad Against Air Conditioners have been too costly.”

    “We also realise that our catch-cry of ‘Save the Planet! Kill a Pensioner!’ was insensitive – my old grandmother called me out on that today after reading Mr Bolt’s article,” apologised Mr White.

    “The Green-Crazed Jihad is now at and end. We thank Mr Bolt for making us realise the error of our ways.”

    For more information
    Alex White
    Grand Green Mufti – Former Green Jihad Against Air Conditioners