Andrew Bolt appears to be getting a bit short of material for his desperate attacks on Obama:

Promise dogged

Barack Obama promised that the dog he’d get his daughters would a mutt rescued from a pound.

Does a Portugese water dog from Senator Edward Kennedy count?

Sure, the dogged/dodged pun doesn’t really work, and I can’t seem to find (certainly not on the linked AP story) a direct quote from Obama that contradicts what he’s done (which is rescue a second-hand dog from the same litter as the Kennedys’) – but I suppose Andy is right.

Those Americans who voted for the Democrat candidate on the basis of his apparently firm and well-publicised (but oddly unquotable) “campaign promise” to adopt a dog directly from a shelter (notwithstanding his daughter’s allergies and Obama’s sensible desire to avoid the difficulties which could therefore arise were they to adopt a mongrel of uncertain heritage) should be entitled to take their votes BACK. A broken “campaign promise” is a broken “campaign promise” and Andy is right to hold the new President to account.

That’s just the kind of serious journalist he is.

UPDATE: Typo in heading fixed. (It’s still there in the URL, though.)

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