According to Blair and Bolt, the ABC is “spinning” for the Government, shamelessly “hearing only what it wants” on the boat deaths:

But given the ABC’s disgraceful record of spinning for Rudd, and against the Liberals and the facts, on this issue, I’m less inclined to believe stuff-up over conspiracy.

Laments reader GK:


And the “deceptive, spin-spin-spin” Government is “withholding the truth” and “treating the public with contempt”:

And these simultaneous leaks, both generating stories relatively easy on the Government, seem suspicious to me. Is this yet more spinning from Rudd – to both get the story out there and take the heat off him, but also maintain the appearance of purity by officially staying silent to protect the boat people from “demonisation”?

Of course, none of this farcical media manipulation would be deemed necessary if the Rudd Government didn’t think Australians were racists, panting to sink the boot into refugees. A majority is being demonised.

A majority of commenters on Bolt’s blog, you mean. (Pretty much all of them, to be fair.)

The irony of these jokers condemning the Government for “spin” – being cautious, on this highly-charged issue, about making any statements until the matter has been properly investigated*; it did take place less than a week ago – while they try to “prove” that the tragedy is ALL THAT EVIL LABOR MAN’S FAULT for being “soft”, would almost be funny – if not for the deadly serious spite it’s prompted in both sets of comments.

The thing is – whether or not the explosion was deliberate or an accident has nothing to do with the Government. Say it’s proved that it was a malicious fire lit by some desperate people being stupid – how is that a scandal to be sheeted back home to the Government?

Because if Bolt and Blair’s line is that the sabotage was prompted by the policy of not sending people back to drown if their boat is sinking – then what’s their alternative? Rather than five people killed when one is sabotaged, they’d rather the Navy were towing sinking boats out to sea for everyone to drown? Are they really that psychopathic?

This is a shameless beatup from the remaining cheerleaders for the Howard Government, desperate to relieve the glory days when bashing refugees REALLY WORKED for the conservatives. It’s not like they’ve had much luck breaking through to the wider public with any of their other efforts since 2007. Hence their feigned outrage at the ALP seeming to suspect there’s a racist, xenophobic, paranoid, easily frightened part of the electorate out there just waiting to be exploited by cynical political opportunists: because that’s exactly what they’re trying to do. Hoping it will work on them as well as it does with their own rusted-on commenters.

Because if this shameless politicking with tragic deaths doesn’t work, what have they got left?

*In contrast to Howard, of course, who DID demonise one boat load of refugees by wrongly alleging that they’d “thrown children overboard”. Still, he got away with it till after that election, and isn’t that the important thing?

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