Pure Poison sets itself up as a site to tackle intellectual dishonesty in the media. And we recognise that part of doing our job here is holding ourselves to the high standards we are trying to encourage in others.

There have been two unfortunate incidents here over the past few days for which we would like to apologise to our readers.

The first was an incident on Friday, in which the post “Consent is not a furphy, Andrew” was taken down because we wanted to make very sure that no-one could conceivably draw implications from it that were not intended. It was amended and then reposted – unfortunately without an acknowledgement that changes had been made. This was not an attempt to conceal the changes (they were mentioned in the comments) but we agree that, as we’ve advocated to others, we should have made those changes clear on the post itself.

The second was an incident yesterday morning, in which I posted on the subject of professional journalists using minor blog sites to do their attacks for them. On reflection, we decided that this post was too close to engaging in “blog wars” – mainly because the example used to illustrate the post was not exactly one in which I was a disinterested observer – and was therefore not appropriate for this site. We’re not interested in getting involved in those sorts of childish blog spats, and we doubt our readers are interested in reading about them, either. I therefore withdrew that post.

Pure Poison apologises for disappointing you, our loyal readers, and for breaching your trust. We will do our best to repay that trust in the future.

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