Back in March Andrew Bolt incorrectly asserted that schools would have to pay for plaques acknowledging Federal Government funding for building works. After it was pointed out to him by readers and Pure Poison that the government would be paying for the plaques, Andrew corrected the error in his blog post. However, the error remains in the online newspaper version of the article to which Bolt links today.

Total cost of this Gillard worship? I’d guess anywhere between $2 million and $4 million. And much of it, including the plaques, to be paid for by schools.

At the time of the error I argued that since Bolt’s column ran in print, online newspaper and online blog forms, correcting the error in merely the online blog form — one of the three methods of publishing — was not sufficient; the error should have been acknowledged in each of the forms it was originally published. I reiterate that argument today.

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