Certain conservatives just can’t believe anyone would prefer the other side.

I mean, nearly half the NSW electorate would like more of Labor?

How to explain such a phenomenon?

  • “Australians are so lazy… I guess we deserve what we get. ”
  • “Go figure,”you can’t educate Idiots””
  • “this apparent level of support stems from their (sic) being the highest proportion of any state by far of chardonnay socialists in Sydney in addition to high levels of ridiculously rusted on Labour supporters generally, masochists all”
  • “NSW – the Masochist State”
  • “the voters in NSW are so arse-licking Labor ”
  • “33% are either having a laugh or are semi-retarded! I blame the lowering of IQ standards, for this non-classification. It should be compulsory that a minimum IQ standard is passed before the right to vote is granted. I’m serious! “

Anyone who supports the other side must be infantile or an idiot, by definition.

I can’t wait for the next instalment of illuminating political commentary from this News Ltd associate editor and his readers.

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