Piers Akerman

Jun 28, 2009

Fantasies indulged

Piers Akerman tells it how it is: Thos

Piers Akerman tells it how it is:
Those who claim utegate or mategate has cut off Opposition leader Malcolm Turnbull at the knees are indulging their fantasies.
And then in the very next sentence claims this:
The last weeks of the winter session have been more damaging to the Rudd Labor Government than the Coalition, no matter how you slice it.
The man is a comedy genius. He's here all night; try the roast beef.

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18 thoughts on “Fantasies indulged

  1. RobJ

    “and the ABC sees him fit to be considered an Insider worthy of giving analysis on the events of the day.”

    I know, I wish the ABC would disregard the bullshit acusations of bias from renowned hypocrites!

  2. Compare and contrast - Pure Poison

    […] Piers Akerman: Those who claim utegate or mategate has cut off Opposition leader Malcolm Turnbull at the knees are indulging their fantasies. […]

  3. Lloyd McDonald

    The 3 polls out today put an end to that fantasy. What I find interesting is that any newspaper would continue to publish a political commentator who is consistently wrong on just about everything he writes, month after month, year after year and the ABC sees him fit to be considered an Insider worthy of giving analysis on the events of the day.


  4. Peter J. Nicol

    I think the triple whammy polling has left Pies looking predictably and typically foolish…

  5. nickws

    Word, Bertus.

    This is going to be a least as bad for the Tories as the AWB scandal was (though bad in a different, less-foreign-corruption-&-intrigue way).

    And they’re in Opposition, it’s not like they have any executive responsibility from whence this shitstorm has arisen!

  6. Erik R

    I find it hard to imagine what Piers is trying to prove with these articles. I don’t think he really believes it – its purely and simply Liberal party propaganda designed as some sort of indoctrination tool. Say it often enough and people will believe it.

    But this is so laughable only a hard core conservative could possibly go along with it. So why, why write this rubbish? To stir up left wingers and score a few points? Its just making him look foolish – and nobody angry.

    Can anyone tell me what’s going on in his head?

  7. StephenD

    The Mad Monk clearly hadn’t read the script from Piers before going on Insiders today. Come to think of it, any sort of script might have helped him. As someone who always looks uncomfortable on camera, he truly surpassed himself. I don’t think he finished a single sentence without half a dozen pauses to consider the holes he might be digging for himself. And this with Barrie trying his hardest to throw him sitters.

    Anyway… Timmeh was as poisonous as ever… What bugs me about him is that he’s obviously intelligent, but he’s quite prepared to push the same garbage as the rest of them.

    Now linking this to the actual subject… I can’t decide whether {Piers — Scott} is serious (and therefore has a terrible cognitive deficit or delusion), in denial or just blustering. When even the members of the Opposition can’t bring themselves to defend their attempt on the PM, what DOES the man think he’s doing? Perhaps he seeks to reassure his brainless, poisonous toadling followers?

  8. HegemonyOrBust

    I loved Tony Abbot on Insiders this morning. It’s pretty obvious that he’s stuck between defending Malcy and trying not to get too dragged into it, so as not to hurt his own leadership ambitions.

  9. HegemonyOrBust

    I think Piers should sign off on his columns as “Liberal Stooge”. Surely he’s breaking a pact with the public by not disclosing his feeling for the Liberals. I can’t remember another columnist on the left who is so blatantly biased but tries to pass off as objective. Usually the columnists on the left will criticise the Labor party when it’s something they don’t agree with.

    {Man, not ball — Scott}

  10. confessions

    bertus @ 5: they have no bargaining chips now that everyone knows the thing they want the least is to hand any double dissolution triggers to the government. technically the government can call their bluff, say “this is our best offer, vote on it” (which they will have to on Aug 13), if they vote no the government can re-introduce the legislation on Nov 16 when the senate sits before xmas (3 months after the first rejection), and…..well, you know the rest.

    The coalition is stuffed basically insofar as gaining any major changes to the CPRS bill is concerned. To thank for that they can look at the flat-earthers in the Libs and National party for their role in the coalition failing to deal itself into play from the outset by parrodying bolt and blair on AGW, and Turnbull himself for poor leadership and poor strategic ability when it comes to negotiating on legislative agenda – most likely a result of his political inexperience. Xenophon has shown more nous than the coalition.

  11. Sisyphis

    “Those who claim utegate or mategate has cut off Opposition leader Malcolm Turnbull at the knees are indulging their fantasies.”

    So it seems Piers knows more about amputee fetishists than most.

  12. Sisyphis

    Cognitive dissonance anyone?

  13. Cuppa

    Piers Akerman is a Coalition shill. Simple as that.

  14. bertus

    confessions – well the Libs can’t say we’re getting ahead of the Americans now, can they? So it will be interesting to see what they cook up as the next set of objections to the CPRS (Carry on Polluting Regardless Scheme).

    So infuriating – it’s such a tiny, weeny little baby step in the right direction, when bold strides are needed, not baby steps, and the Libs can’t even bring themselves to take the baby step. Pathetic.

  15. confessions

    NB – I’ve also noticed Timmeh has dropped Utegategate like a hot potato. Just smarter than Piers or starting to feel his own neck?

    Probably distinguishing himself from Piers and Turnbull in knowing when to shut up. 😉

    Utegate will probably die off over the next few weeks, but will be back in the headlines again when the 2 inquiries report their findings, and if/when Grech decides to sing. In other Turnbull-related news, it’s being reported in the SMH that the libs are ready to negotiate on the ETS. surprise, surprise!

    Piers should be asking what on earth Turnbull and the liberal party stand for.

  16. bertus

    Piers writes the article in somewhat the past tense, the last two paras beginning:

    “Everyone’s wise after the event….” then

    “If there is one lesson that can be drawn from utegate,…”

    Don’t bet on it Piers. I’m waiting with great anticipation for what the little rat-grinch will have snuffled to the Federal Polizei from his hospital bed, as I’m sure numerous Liberal pollies are.

    Especially Joe Hockey.

    After all, the Libs have just dropped the rat-grinch right in it. Turned their backs on him. Terminated his stellar career. May have put him in prison.

    I doubt that the rat-grinch will be feeling especially grateful to the Libs.

    Rat-grinches don’t do grateful well at the best of times.

    NB – I’ve also noticed Timmeh has dropped Utegategate like a hot potato. Just smarter than Piers or starting to feel his own neck?

  17. confessions

    Piers: Former Labor leaders Kim Beazley and Simon Crean, to a lesser extent, demonstrated that nice guys finish last. The small-target strategy isn’t a winner.

    where exactly did Latham ‘finish’? As for small target strategies being inneffective, i’m sure both Rudd and Howard would argue otherwise.

    comedy genius alright.

  18. Mobius Ecko

    Yet on the TV news cycles this morning here was the opposition saying the same thing. “Fake email gone and forgotten and Labor in deep shit over favours to mates”. “No doubt about it, Labor are as guilty as hell, the evidence is all there and you need go no further, take our word for it, sack Swan and vote for us next election.”

    They just don’t know when to shut the fuck up, especially Turnbull, who has some dirty laundry of his own in giving ten million to a mate to make rain from a blue sky.

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