Piers Akerman

Jun 29, 2009

Compare and contrast

Piers Akerman: Those who claim utegate or mategate has cut off Opposition leader Malcol

Piers Akerman:

Those who claim utegate or mategate has cut off Opposition leader Malcolm Turnbull at the knees are indulging their fantasies.

The electorate:

The Coalition and Malcolm Turnbull have received a devastating blow from the OzCar affair, with 53 per cent of voters saying they have a less favourable impression of the Opposition Leader as a result of it.

Mr Turnbull’s approval rating has plunged a massive 11 points while disapproval soared by 13 points in the Age/Nielsen poll taken on Thursday to Saturday.

The analysis:

Malcolm Turnbull’s political career has been smashed in just one week, and senior Liberals believe there could be moves within the party to remove him as Opposition Leader within days or weeks.

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11 thoughts on “Compare and contrast

  1. bpobjie

    Ah, but confessions, you can’t trust articles by well-known extreme leftists like Glenn Milne and Dennis Shanahan.

  2. bertus

    monkeywrench – well that’s a fair point. You prolly know ol’ Piers a lot better than I do.

  3. baldrick

    Geez, you guys talk about Bolt even when he isn’t posting anything!

    ‘the man’s a born hater’ – look in the mirror grasshopper…..

    Tip, stop reading him….your blood pressure will go down. How about using his hiatus as a recovery period….you can have a slow withdrawal.

  4. monkeywrench

    Bertus, I find Piers far less disturbing than Bolt simply because he has an absolutely one-track mind: Kevin Rudd, BOO!
    Bolt is keen to attack and besmirch everybody that happens to exist outside his own narrow parameters for the norm: the man’s a born hater.

  5. confessions

    Piers (in reply to Banksy of wall and piece):

    There is very little unrest in the Liberals at the moment as you would know if you spoke to anyone actually inside the Liberals.

    Glen Milne (today’s Oz):

    The Liberal Party was convulsing yesterday over Turnbull’s decision to go on the Sunday morning talk show. The repeated question was simply: “Why?”

    Denis Shanahan (today’s Oz):

    Yet, now, only a year and a half after the second-longest serving prime minister in Australia’s history departed, the Liberal hiearchy is talking of moving against Turnbull.

    Shanahan again (today’s Oz):

    Senior Liberals said last night that if parliament had been sitting this week there would have been immediate moves to replace Mr Turnbull, probably with NSW frontbencher and Opposition Treasury spokesman Joe Hockey.

    Who exactly “inside the Liberals” is Piers talking to?

  6. GavinM

    I suspect he’ll just try to fob the polls off as meaningless or that they were rigged or something, confessions.

    After all doesn’t being a fanatic mean never having to apologise ?

  7. StephenD

    Of course he won’t acknowledge his error. Polls like that just don’t exist in the alternate reality (Cane Toad Space).

    He might go with the line that the public has had “the wool pulled over its eyes by the spin from the Rudd camp”. But he’ll assure his readers that everyone will soon wake up to this evil deception and work together towards restoring the Coalition to its rightful place in power.

    As woeful as this nonsense from Piers is, I do prefer it to the sickening sycophancy he was dishing up when the Howard government was in office.

  8. bertus

    Yes. I must say Monkeywrench, I think you said Piers is like a dotty but harmless old neighbour who moans about your smelly recycling bin whereas Bolt has a sinister edge. Hmm. Not sure I can agree mate. I think they’re as bad as each other. And some of Piers’ admirers – like John Jay and Proud Aussie – are even WORSE than Bolt’s out of tune Greek Chorus.

    Will Piers acknowledge his error confessions? Are you serious?

  9. confessions

    But the $64,000 question is: will he acknowledge his error in the face of such compelling opinion polls, or will he just carry on as if the polls were never published? why his readers don’t see through his one-sided bias is beyond me – even bolt is more balanced FFS!

  10. baldrick

    Labor has the next election sewn up. Whether it is early due to double-dissolution (not likely, Rudd won’t risk even slightly pissing off the electorate) or the normal scheme of things.

    If the Liberals are to rebuild, they need to return to core conservative values that were cast aside by Howard during his tenure. What kind of conservative increases the welfare system (middle class welfare), leading to a bigger government? I think that they need to look at what they stand for because they don’t appear to stand for anything for mine. The funny thing is that Turnbull is one of the most moderate Liberal party members and certainly has a few ‘left-bents’ in him. Thats why he isn’t popular with some of the party’s powerful members. The cycle will turn again….people will only tolerate one of the parties in government for so long.

    They are looking a lot like Labor did in opposition for the last decade. Beazley, Crean, Latham, Beazley then finally a winner in Rudd. I think that the next Liberal prime minister is not currently seen as a potential leadership candidate. They will emerge mid way through Labors next term in government IMO.

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