The Australian farewells a former editor:

Inevitably he figured prominently on the hate list of the Left: right-wing ranter, senile fascist, CIA agent, were among the many corrupt libels loaded on him. Paul Keating sneered at “that old fart”. Although Devine sometimes fancied himself “an IRA hitman manque”, he never retaliated in kind.

Quick note to my future obituarist – I’d be perfectly happy if you didn’t waste space whinging about the people who “hated” me. (Even if you really, really want to have a go at them, in a situation where they can’t really respond, for your own reasons.) You would not be doing my memory any favours.

ELSEWHERE: The Australian has some form for this sort of thing.

UPDATE (4.20pm): They have now removed the above paragraph from the linked obituary. It does not include an acknowledgement of this fairly major change. The only evidence for that remaining is Google, until it replaces the link with the amended version:


Maybe, if News is going to pull this kind of stunt, we’re going to have to use screengrabs (instead of searchable blockquotes) in the future.

UPDATE 9/7: There’s a version of the original here.

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