David Penberthy, editor of The Punch goes all blogwar on Crikey‘s arse:

The Punch had expected to get about 80,000 readers (unique browsers) in its first month. The official figures show we ended up with 206,281 readers. This compares to Crikey, which is five years older than us, and had 179,069 readers in the same period.

This funny little niche website run out of Melbourne has been obsessing about us since we launched, and it’s something we regard as proof positive of the navel-gazy bullshit which blights the media landscape, where journos both from the independent blogosphere and big media would much rather talk about each other than the readers.

Penberthy then continues to talk about himself and Crikey instead of the readers:

Oh, and we’d also like to thank Crikey for this piece, where apart from some desperate technical quibbling about their superiority on page impressions, unsurprising given that they’re four years and 11 months older than us, they did at least have the decency to admit that we’ve already got more readers than they have.

Feeling the need to remind everyone that The Punch enjoys the backing of the entire News Ltd conglomerate, I left a comment on the piece:

Which was, of course, duly ignored (The Punch has form). So I tried to engage “Penbo” via Twitter:

@penbo How many people pay to have The Punch emailed to them every day?

To which he replied:

@GrodsCorp none

Keen to keep talking, I quickly asked:

@penbo Why no publish my comment on your story?

To which Penbo replied with deafening silence. Australia’s best conversation, apparently.

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