Andrew Bolt is apparently puzzled by the sex ledger at sea incident being a “scandal”:

THE navy is shocked – shocked! – that healthy young men cooped up on its ships look at the healthy young women by their side and want to, er, rock their boats.

No, it’s shocked that certain male crewmembers had so little respect for female crewmembers that they could reduce them to “targets” in a betting competition. It’s hardly professional behaviour.

Missing this point entirely, Andrew continues with a series of irrelevant questions:

How many of these women actually slept with the bounty hunters?

None, I’d bet. In which case, why all this fuss?

Or is the answer “plenty”? And then we must ask: why haven’t those women been sent home, too?

Um, because having sex isn’t the offence here? The problem was the lack of professionalism and respect inherent in the ledger idea.

And –

Doesn’t this just confirm what rugby league star Matthew Johns found after the ABC outed him as a beast for having had group sex with a willing fan – that a woman’s yes no longer means yes?

What? What?

Seriously, what is it with social conservatives and an inability to understand the very basic notion of consent?

As for –

The navy hasn’t even said whether the sailors’ bets were paid out.

You have got to be kidding.

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