Why would a newspaper publish this vacuous rubbish?

Why I hate Harry Potter and his spell

…But then some dolt that I work with said, “The new Harry Potter film is out soon.” – and said it with the sort of glee usually reserved for lottery winners or people who have just discovered that they are pregnant. “How old are you?” I sneered. “Thirty-four and three-quarters,” beamed my colleague.

I let out a pained groan, put my head in my hands and began to weep openly at my desk.

Bryony (there’s a case for the Citizens Infringement Officer) Gordon devotes 750 painfully uninteresting words to whinging about people liking the Harry Potter series. Most absurdly, considering the title of the article, she doesn’t actually at any point give any specific criticism of the books or films themselves, only the “dolts” who like them – which means I’m left guessing that the answer to the question she puts is “because I like being contrary and looking down my nose at other people”.

Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) and Albus Dumbledore (Michael Gambon) and other search engine friendly keywords in a scene from the upcoming Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince film. They want you to click on this post.

The “Why I hate” piece doesn’t illuminate. It doesn’t tell you anything about the books or the films other than that they are something about which Bryony Gordon is a judgmental and sanctimonious prick.

The question I’ve got is – why did The Age reprint this tosh from the London Telegraph? Were they so desperate to stick something Harry Potter-related (and an accompanying hit-driving image) on the front page of the site that they didn’t have time to read it first?

And they wonder why sales are dropping.

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