Piers Akerman may have pulled it off – he goes from “Wilson Tuckey” to “resilient sanity” in half a sentence.

He also makes this assertion:

The points made in Professor Ian Plimer’s bestselling book Heaven And Earth, as repetitive and scholarly as it may be, has not been demolished.

Even if we forgive his mangling of singular and plural in that sentence, his claim just might be ever so slightly wrong.

UPDATE: One of my favourite things about Piers – aside from his tendency toward writing incoherent columns – is that he responds to his commenters with venomous and ill-informed “rebuttals”. Two of my favourites from the current column:

Sceptic – I have yet to see Plimer’s book demolished. I have read personal attacks upon him but nothing to destroy the science his argument is based on. Lift your game.

Braveheart the greenouse argument relies on a CO2 layer in the atmosphere trapping sunlight energy. Why can’t this be found?

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