Gerard Henderson doesn’t like media critiques where a single partisan “is prosecutor, judge and jury on matters media – and no discussion whatsoever is allowed”. That’s why, at the end of every week, he publishes his own commentary on matters media on a WordPress site where comments are disabled. Here are my study notes from this week’s edition:

  • Australia’s most boring commentator (myself excepted, of course) finds the ABC boring.
  • An ABC reporter can overcome Gerard’s condemnation of ABC leftists and earn praise (5 paws on some bizarre mutant dog rating scale), so long as she criticises those Soviet leftists.
  • The ABC cannot refer to the “wheat for weapons” scandal; only conservatives are allowed to suggest Saddam wanted to acquire weapons.
  • The Gans and Leigh “Media slant” study is useless because it has mathematical equations in it; no research that relies on formulas can be trusted. (As an aside, I have some concerns about the methods used in the study myself – rather than get side-tracked writing about it here, I’ll note that there are similarities in their procedure and the American study I criticised Andrew Bolt for relying on.)
  • Even though that quantitative and equation-filled study should be disregarded, and even though it found that The Age leans to the left, The Age leans to the left.You don’t need statistics to prove it, though – you just need Gerard’s judgment.
  • ABC Books published a book. Naturally, the book is very wrong.

The Australian got one little pat on the back, but that’s about it. The ABC is very boring and wrong, The Age is a den of leftist iniquity, and the SMH doesn’t deserve a mention.

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