Janet Albrechtsen uncovers shocking evidence that our leaders are about to sign us up to a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT:


Of course, there is no final treaty as yet. That is what they are hoping to finalise in Copenhagen. But there are 181 pages that make up the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change dated September 15, 2009: a rough draft of what could be signed in Copenhagen…

So I read the draft treaty. The word government appears on page 18.

The context is irrelevant! The word “government” appears on page 18 of an unsigned, unconfirmed draft treaty to which no one has agreed to actually commit!

In case you missed just what that could mean (and I’m going to be careful to make the most extreme claims by way of quoting other people), heed these words from Lord Monckton, a former adviser to Margaret Thatcher (with a disclaimer, which I then undermine):

Monckton’s warning to Americans that “in the next few weeks, unless you stop it, your President will sign your freedom, your democracy and your prosperity away forever” is colourful. But no more colourful than the language used by those who preach about the perils of climate change and the virtues of a hard-hitting Copenhagen treaty.

This is Monckton running his paranoid schtick before an audience of patriotic Americans:

Obviously, his claims are outright garbage. The US Supreme Court has repeatedly found that its Constitution trumps treaties. Even the framework of the negotiations specifically allows unilateral withdrawal.

Ah, but they used the word “government” on page 18 of the UUDTTWNOHATACAWWBBEITD (the Unsigned, Unconfirmed Draft Treaty To Which No One Has Agreed To Actually Commit And Which Wouldn’t Be Binding Even If They Did)! So we can run this terrifying rubbish until they actually get around to drafting what they actually might sign.

Which will, admittedly, take the wind out of our sails a bit.

Which is why we must take advantage now of the opportunity for some outrageous scaremongering and cynical dogwhistling to the tinfoil hat brigade who genuinely do think an oppressive One World Government is on the way (just before Jesus comes to Rapture them). The claims will inevitably be debunked by, you know, what is actually discussed at Copenhagen – but there will be a core of our audience for whom the false message will have permanently, unsalvageably sunk in. If we get them paranoid enough, they won’t believe the real text, no matter what it says.

Janet knows full well that neither Rudd, nor Obama, nor any other Western leader, would give any of their power temporarily, let alone irretrievably, to a “one world government”. Her question of Rudd and Wong, for example – “are they hiding the details of this deal from us because most of the polls now suggest that action on climate change is becoming politically unpalatable?” – is ludicrous: if that were true, it would become obvious in December, well before an election, and he’d be crucified for it. How would he “hide the details” of the actual Copenhagen Treaty? She cannot be serious.

And of course, she isn’t. This is nothing more than unusually extreme and shameless dogwhistling from Janet, running a line that even her own employer dismisses as a “conspiracy theory”, and that she knows full well is ridiculous.

Because the only alternative is that, this time, she really has completely left the planet.

ELSEWHERE: Tim Lambert and Darryl Mason.

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