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Tim Blair

Nov 11, 2009

We didn't need to wait for actual evidence, why did you?

Tim Blair is sarcastically mocking the "mainstream media" for waitin


Tim Blair is sarcastically mocking the “mainstream media” for waiting until there’s actually some real material linking the Fort Hood shooter’s religion with the killings:

Oh, look; Anne Davies is waking up.

Of course, those with particular, regularly-expressed feelings about the religion in question knew all along what factor was to blame, and they didn’t need to wait for any actual evidence before making pretty clear insinuations along those lines.

Can’t you people SEE? His name is NIDAL HASAN! Just LOOK at him!

We had the shooter’s Arabic-sounding name. We had his Muslim religion. We had an act of violence.

To certain people, those three things together in one man equal all the proof they’d ever need to impugn a very large group of people. They think the rest of us quaint for requiring more.

UPDATE: Andrew Bolt’s column this morning:

Then the second thing a journalist – a real one – would do is to try to explain why. You know, to help you make sense of this, and to help stop such a terrible thing from happening again.

So this real journalist would be keen to pass on to you these following clues.

The Fort Hood killer, army psychiatrist Nidal Malik Hasan, was a Muslim…

Eh? Eh? Eh?


114 thoughts on “We didn’t need to wait for actual evidence, why did you?

  1. Johnny Come Lately


    You don’t think that America’s foreign policy over the past few decades had anything to do with 9/11?

  2. Bloods05

    Gavin@113: credit where it’s due. Now stop being mean to me.

  3. GavinM

    Pedro @89

    “I bet you would consider it a terrorist attack if Hasan had driven into the post and exploded a car bomb, killing 13 and maiming 33.

    Actually Pedro, no I wouldn’t — not unless as has been said by others here — he had made a video or left a note stating that this was an act in the name of whatever cause he was doing it for and promising more in the future.

    I haven’t by any means made my mind up about his motives for this act, but until I hear evidence to the contrary I will continue to lean towards thinking of this as a multiple murder by a deranged religious nutter — yes, he happens to be a Muslim, but as has been pointed out here also, there’s been plenty of non-terrorism related murders committed by religious nutcases of other denominations as well.

  4. surlysimon

    Interesting that today we see that the story of how Sergeant Kimberly Munley shot Hasan iin fact wrong and that it was another officer who shot him. Not a big deal but it shows how in after an event like this it is best to wait till the facts are known before making emphatic statments.

  5. Josh

    I’m going to start calling it an Islamist terrorist attack when I see evidence that the Major pre-prepared a suicide video or at least penned a letter stating why he was about to carry out his attack on the infidels.
    Without any such evidence it seems much more likely that he’s just a lone nutter who went on a spur of the moment shooting rampage in a country where such shootings are all to common.

  6. confessions

    No 107: you don’t think that the leader of a country uttering the words By God’s mercy, Britain and American science outpaced all German efforts after they’ve just dropped a bomb on another nation is symbolising a victory for the so called ‘right thinking’ christians who opposed ‘evil’? Interesting.

    Speaks volumes for your delusion on this subject.

    [he was caught out by world events, principally the oil crisis and the revolution in Iran]

    Wasn’t he also left a shitful slate by his predecessor?

  7. surlysimon

    Do some reading of history, Carter was not that inept, he was caught out by world events, principally the oil crisis and the revolution in Iran. Of course we tend to forget that that lovely nice old man Reagan went on to sell weapons to the Iranians to fund his war on a socialist Government in Nicaragua. In fact the right would like us to forget that Reagan’s blind hatred of Communism let to the Taliban, Bin Laden and ultimatly to the GFC.
    Read some history.

  8. Pedro

    Confessions. A clever attempt at spin but I really thought you were smarter than this.

    “By God’s mercy” and “we must indeed pray” hardly echo “A victory for Islam”.

  9. Catsidhe

    No, Pedro, they said the Hiroshima bomb was a victory for the American Way of Life. (Those who boasted about it, anyway — rather than seeing it as arguably necessary, but still a tragedy.)

    Idées Fixées can have different fixations, and remain the same basic pathology… and it says more about the people with the fixation, than on what is fixated over.

    You don’t have a good track record dealing with variations in circumstance. You have a veritable knack for locking onto irrelevant (even trivial) details, and for managing to miss the vital differentiations.

  10. confessions

    [I don’t recall – nor will any history books recall – anyone standing up after Hiroshima and saying it was a victory for Christianity.]

    The then UK Prime Minister (my bold):

    [“By God’s mercy, Britain and American science outpaced all German efforts. These were on a considerable scale, but far behind. The possession of these powers by the Germans at any time might have altered the result of the war.”]

    [“We must indeed pray that these awful agencies will be made to conduce peace among the nations and that instead of wreaking measureless havoc upon the entire globe they become a perennial fountain of world prosperity.” ]

  11. Pedro

    Dave: “the hostage crisis in Iran is cited as one of the contibuting factors in Carter’s loss in 1980”

    Um, no. Carter’s sheer ineptness as a President was the major factor in his downfall. Even the thickest American saw through that loser. And they are still laughing at him to this day.

    Johnny Come Lately.

    I remember watching Osama bin Laden’s video after his massacres in New York and DC. He and his mates all sat around and praised Allah, and made it pretty damn clear to the world that the atrocity was a victory for “Islam”.

    I don’t recall – nor will any history books recall – anyone standing up after Hiroshima and saying it was a victory for Christianity.

  12. confessions

    [may we remind you that there were a number of Bin Larden inspired attacks before November 2001,]

    Yep. I’d also add the attacks on abortion clinics and women’s healthcare professionals.

    How quickly people forget.

  13. confessions

    No 100: i think you are having difficulty distinguishing between ‘islam’ and ‘islamist’.

  14. surlysimon

    Very funny, unlike you I have kept reading past Major Hasan’s Religious beliefs and the Major has been awake and spoken to by investigators, he refused to say anything.
    So whose inane now! Further to Dave may we remind you that there were a number of Bin Larden inspired attacks before November 2001, and before that there was Entebe, the hijack of the three US airliners in the early 70s and even Munich 72 which was pretty much in everyones faces.

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