If we’ve got such a “liberal” or “leftist” media in this country, then why can’t I find on any of the mainstream opinion pages anything about today’s nationwide rallies for Marriage Equality? Please, show me where they’re covering it at all.

Is it because the alleged “progressives” in these papers simply worried about doing to the ALP what the rightwingers have done to the Liberals? Seriously, guys, don’t be so timid. It’s quite different – for one thing, a clear majority of Australians support same sex marriage.

Which is why we’ll be out there today showing certain cowardly politicians – and media – that the fundamentalists who bombarded the Senate Inquiry with form emails do not represent Australians in general.

I’ll be going. I don’t really like rallies, but this is important.

Hope to see you there.

UPDATE: There’s also little to no coverage after the rally, either. It did go ahead, however. Photos and videos from the various cities here.

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