Defender of political correctness, Tim Blair, has joined Andrew Bolt in denouncing The Age’s use of of an unflattering photo of Viscount Christopher Monckton on their website.


So lets make sure that all you Leftards out there get this straight. It is completely OK to mock someone because of their weight;,

The greater danger to two-faced, five-chinned Irfan’s life is his own diet.

because of their weight;

Thanks, Al. Have a pie.

or because they have bad teeth.

AIEEEEEEE! It’s alive! ….. Congressman Nosferatu.

That type of thing is harmless mocking, and if you argue about it then you’re just humourless.

But if you mock someone with a disease then you are a very bad person. Do you understand the difference? Because I want to make it perfectly clear to you I’ve assembled some visual aids about this topic.

This is piss funny.
This is completely inappropriate and debases a serious debate.

Do you all understand the important difference now? Making fun of the features someone has been burdened with someone suffering from a disease that he claims to have cured is no way to win the climate change debate, but making fun of your tubby opponents is just good fun.

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