Tim Blair, mocking a climate scientist’s apparent consideration of suicide, describing the much more tragic plight of those like himself:

Imagine how they would have coped if they’d been condemned as the equivalent of Holocaust deniers or deranged flat-earthers or bribe-receiving frauds. It’s a wonder that any of us realists are still alive or have jobs.

“Realists”? “Realists”? Is that what they’re calling themselves now? Seriously? Believers in the infinite capacity of the planet to absorb whatever we throw at it without consequence; devout adherents of the no caution is necessary school; those who have determined to deny that there’s any climate change until… well, I can’t think of any actual scenario where tim Blair would actually accept that humans have had any impact on the climate at all. No matter what happens. He’s completely immune to whatever reality might throw at him.

“Realists”? He must be joking.

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